Friday, 20 March 2015

February and March happy things.

I never posted a February Happy Things post, so I'm combining both months. So for the last two month's, I have been loving....

1. Brooklyn Nine Nine. I am heartbroken that I have caught up with seasons 1 and 2 in only a month. I love the cast, the whole premise and the format of cutaway flashbacks. It's really great and I want EVERYONE to watch it. (Also, Gina is my fave)


2. The fact Easter is approaching.

3. Revisiting Craig David. His 2007 album 'Trust Me' really was great. Especially 'Officially Yours' which has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks.

4. This quote from The Lord of the Rings


5. The fact I'm ploughing through Parks and Recreation. Finally onto season 6. I'm getting closer to the end.

6. Bringing together ideas for my dissertation. Slowly getting there...

7. Game of Thrones is approaching...

8. This picture of Ariana Grande (this girl always makes my lists)

9a. Angel and Big Sean being cute. ADORABLE.


10. Mamrie Hart accidentally cutting Hannah Hart's hair. HILARIOUS.

11. Nice, spring weather.

12. Counting down the days until the summer arrives so I can watch Twin Peaks in it's entirety. I've been exposed and I need to see it!


13. This quote:
“If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you.” - Noor Shirazie.

14. Reading Jean Rhys in English class and LOVING the woman. I will one day read Wide Sargasso Sea (obviously after university reading).

15. Chris Pratt and Chris Evans being adorable bestest buds in the world! Also being real human beings and a real hero


A bit longer than usual, but this is what two months of loving has created!

What have you been loving recently?
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