Thursday, 24 March 2011

'30 day film challenge'

I've seen this floating around facebook but I have in fact, done one of these 'challenges' before but not on blogger, on a different website. (The 'days' are a bit different on this one than the one I've done previously though.)Instead of doing it on facebook and spamming up news feeds every day I thought I'd do one post here.
For most of these I just looked at my DVDs because my mind always goes blank but I'm going to try and not say a film more than once. For example, The Lion King is one of my favourite films ever, but I'll put another favourite as favourite animation or child's film, etc...

This is an edit: I've realised there are no films I have chosen that star either: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Gemma Arterton nor I have not mentioned Avatar, X-Men or Harry Potter. Whooooooooops

I haven't even posted it yet but I already know I'm going to regret this ridiculous long post.

Ok I'll stop. Here I go:

Day 1: Favorite film - Don't have an obvious one. I'm already cheating. Ferris Bueller's Day Off/Breakfast At Tiffany's/The Lion King/ The Breakfast Club/The Dark Knight/ Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Day 2: Least favorite film - This is stupid question because it could mean two things..a favourite film but is one of your least favourites or just a film you dislike. Well, for a film I dislike, I dislike Saw. I admit it's a bad answer because I've never seen the films. So yes..I have again cheated.

Day 3: Favorite comedy - Hot Tub Time Machine. Not an obvious one, there are funnier films but I can't think. I was crying all over the place watching this at the cinema.

Day 4: Favorite drama
- Drama, drama, drama..ooh Erm..The Social Network

Day 5: Favorite action
- Kick Ass

Day 6: Favorite horror - Don't like horrors..and the 'horrors' I watch aren't even scary so it's Zombieland or Jennifer's Body

Day 7: Favorite animated feature - Aladdin

Day 8: Favorite thriller -Suddenly every thriller I know has gone out of my mind. Erm.. Psycho.

Day 9: Favorite musical -
Moulin Rouge

Day 10: Favorite foreign film
- Amelie

Day 11: Favorite kid's movie - UP

Day 12: Favorite love story - The Lake House/ Alex & Kate

Day 13: Favorite chick flick
- Oh how I love chick flicks, sometimes a little too much. erm..The Holiday?

Day 14: Favorite documentary - Totally cheating on this: In The Loop. Hardly a documentary, but closest I can think of

Day 15: Favorite play adaptation
- Romeo and Juliet

Day 16: Favorite book adaptation
- I like reading books before they are a film. Never Let Me Go was just as good as the book.

Day 17: Least favorite book adaptation - PS: I Love You wasn't a good adaptation

Day 18: Film that is your guilty pleasure
- The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants is one of my favourite films which I can probably recite. I read the book then loved the film. It's not great so..yeah..guilty pleasure

Day 19: Film that made you cry the hardest
- Cried too much at A Walk To Remember it was embarrassing. (Also, Never Let Me Go)

Day 20: Movie with your favorite actress
- Natalie Portman. Even though I loved Black Swan. It's either The Other Boleyn Girl or Star Wars III (Don't judge me) / V For Vendetta is another favourite too

Day 21: Movie with your favorite actor - I have a few favourite actors but What's Eating Gilbert Grape stars 2 actors who I think are just incredible. Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio

Day 22: Movie you wish you could live in - Inception. But it meant a film to live the life of the main character it would be Breakfast At Tiffany's because I want to be Holly Golightly

Day 23: Movie that inspires you
- Jerry Maguire! I don't know why but it does inspire me. SHOW ME THE MONEY

Day 24: Movie with your favorite soundtrack - Tooooo many. Already used; Inception, The Social Network and going to use 127 Hours and they're brilliant recent ones. Erm, The Dark Knight soundtrack. Hans Zimmer creates such masterpieces.

Day 25: Movie with the most beautiful scenery - The scenery in 127 Hours was just completely stunning.

Day 26: Movie you're most embarrassed to say you like
- Camp Rock.

Day 27: Movie with your favorite villain - I don't like villains though. I'm too much of a goody. But I do love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And how freakin' awesome is Gideon Graves? Very is the answer. (Also, I've met Jason Schwartzman so......)

Day 28: Movie with your favorite hero - Superhero or hero? BATMAAAAAAAN either way. Batman

Day 29: First movie you ever remember watching - At the cinema or as a whole? Well, at the cinema 101 Dalmatians.

Day 30: Last movie you watched -  For kinda of, personal reasons, I felt the need to watch this last night.

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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Running Time: 116 Minutes
Directed By:
Jonathan Liebesman
Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Ramon Rodriguez,Ne-Yo, Lucas Till,
Screenplay: Christopher Bertolini
UK Release Date: 11th March 2011

Quick Plot: Mysterious meteorites are predicted to land in some of the earths biggest cities, London, Tokyo, etcc..and this film follows the reaction in Los Angeles. The meteorites turn out to be something the earth wasn't prepared for and US Marine Staff in LA are ordered to a rescue mission in Santa Monica.

Review: First things first, I'm angry at Empire. They reviewed the film and gave it 2 Stars when last year Skyline got 3. In no way is this worse than Skyline. And because of Empire and Film 2011's reviews to Battle: LA, I went in to the cinema with low hopes. But as soon as the aliens were in sight, I don't think my back touched the chair once. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I thought the whole film was exhilarating. Let me tell you why:

The action, the battles, the sound and the guns. This genre of Sci-Fi/Action is one of my favourites and I haven't seen an alien film like this at the cinema this year until today (Paul doesn't count). The showing was in digital, which for me makes a hell of a difference and the sounds were explosive and perfect and it was just like music to my ears. (hahahahahahahaa)
The cast caught my eye early on and they didn't fail to deliver. Aaron Echhart was good as usual, but the rest of the cast were great! Ne-Yo was surprisingly very good as well as all the young actors including Joey King and Bryce Cass. Michelle Rodriguez and Ramon Rodriguez (I thought they were related too) were both brilliant. The aliens were cleverly designed and had a cool reason to be invading earth. All throughout the film, there are incredible explosions and missions- just what you want this film to be. There are some scenes where everything moved so quickly but it all worked well.
One day, I promise you,  I will shout, 'Get outta here!', 'Shoot now goddammit' and 'Shit, you gotta see this' when aliens one day attack the earth just like these ones did (and believe me, they will one day and I will be there ready to fight back). Battle: Los Angeles is everything I wanted Skyline to be, enthralling, entertaining and brilliant.
This is why it's so hard to rate. I don't want to choose between 3 and 4 stars. If I gave it 3, I'd feel bad because of the storyline, acting, action was all great. But if I give it 4 I look too predictable with my film reviews and it wasn't as good as The Adjustment Bureau, True Grit or Paul.
The film lacked consistency and I think if it had it all the way through, without having any scenes that were a tad boring, it would have been phenomenal like District 9, Cloverfield or War Of The Worlds (the three films Cineworld said were similar, which for once they are right) Although It's definitely not unique or special. It's everything you've seen before but it works well.

As you can now see at the top. I've given the film 3.5. I don't like films that are rated with half a star. But I honestly, can't pick with this. So take it or leave it.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget, 12 Days left to vote on my poll.
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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Top 5 - Disney Classics/Pixar (pt. 2)

Finding another category to do was harder than it sounded. One day I'll eventually do a Top 5 Films/Actors/Actresses but for a start, I think it's pretty predictable and also it's a bit basic. One day I will, but for now I want my Top 5s to be a little different. Not different like Film 2011 different, because it would be impossible for me to name my Top 5 'reality worlds', 'gangs' or 'strangers' because I haven't seen that many films.
Enough of my rambling.

Ok so Top 5 Disney Classics and Top 5 Pixar Features.
Anyone who knows me well knows I like Disney films a lot. So, even though it's fairly immature, I thought I'd make my Top 5s around Disney and Pixar.
I've done them in two lists because as many people associate Pixar and Disney together, and rightly so, to me they are different institutions and deserve different recognition.
Ok I'm rambling I go:

  1. The Lion King
  2. Winnie The Pooh
  3. Aladdin
  4. 101 Dalmatians
  5. The Little Mermaid
Winnie The Pooh isn't necessarily one of the greatest films, but it's always been one of my favourites since I was about 2 and that's no exaggeration. I have to have it in my top 5.

  1. Toy Story
  2. UP
  3. A Bug's Life
  4. Monsters Inc.
  5. Finding Nemo 
All 3 Toy Story films are fantastic and it's proof good and maybe even better sequels can be made. But I can't just have a whole list that is 3/5 Toy Story!

Because I'm a nerd, here are my Top 5 Pixar Shorts too..

  1. For The Birds
  2. Geri's Game
  3. Luxo Jr.
  4. Day and Night
  5. Partly Cloudy

Eh, I sometimes act younger than I should.
This is a child-like post. But I bet you have you own favourite Disney films right? Thought so. 

What would be your Top 5 Disney Classics or Pixar films be? Maybe yours are a mixture of Disney/Pixar and real life Disney?

Leave me a comment or let me know via a message or comment if you want :)

Ps: Only 16 days left to vote on my poll on the right if you haven't already. Thank you :)))
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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Rango (2011)

(Note: I've proof read this about 4 times already and it still has a few grammar errors, I apologise. It doesn't make much sense but it's early in the morning and my brain isn't switched on)

Running Time: 107 Minutes
Directed By:
Gore Verbinski
Starring:(voice) Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Bill Nighy, Ray Winstone
Screenplay: John Logan
UK Release Date: 4th March 2011

Quick Plot:  Rango was a pet lizard until his owners car runs had to make a quick turn consquenting in Rango and his cage to fall out of the car and land in the desert. He soon has to adapt to life in the desert and later meets another lizard called Beans, who takes him to her town of Dirt. Dirt is mysteriously low on water and in the middle of a drought, with people unhappy about this, Rango decides to be the hero he is and find water.

Review: I first heard of Rango from the first teaser trailer which I'm going to be fully honest, creeped me out a bit (see below). But then I learnt more about the voices and that's about as far as it went about my knowledge on this film. I've just discovered it's directed by the same director as the first 3 Pirates Of The Caribbean, which is good to know. Rango is a funny and kind of different type of film but nevertheless I thought the film dragged a hell of a lot in the middle and I found myself slightly bored at one point.  I was quite taken by the animation too, if I said it was 'stunning' I think I'd regret it in a few weeks, so for now I think the animation is pretty and different to the usual animation kids like to see. The animation worked and I thought the voices were all great, especially Johnny Depp, but that's nothing new.
 3 stars isn't a bad rating, it's worth watching, I probably would watch it again to be honest, but I'd rather that in the comfort of my own home because at the cinema, I thought the middle drooped and lost what the beginning had. But then, the ending I thought was great and I did in fact leave the cinema feeling pretty pleased with the film.
Rango is 107 minutes and The Adjustment Bureau was pretty much the same length, yet TAB had a better storyline. I think if Rango was more closer to the 90 minute mark, the film would have been slightly more enjoyable and less overlong.

Rango Teaser
Rango - Teaser Trailer 2
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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Top 5 - Directors (pt. 1)

The title sounds very sad.
I just thought instead of posting reviews all the time, I could do a blog every Tuesday with my Top 5 of something. I'm the kind of person who likes making lists, call me Rob Gordon/Fleming from High Fidelity.

So for my first one I've chosen 'Top 5 favourite and most influential Directors.'
You could say my picks are pretty predictable and very common with most people. But I like the way they direct.
These are my top 5 favourite film directors with two or three of my favourite films or TV shows they've made directed

  1. Christopher Nolan - The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception
  2. John Hughes - Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club
  3. Alfred Hitchcock - North By Northwest, Physco, To Catch a Thief
  4. Matthew Vaughn - Kick Ass, Stardust, (Possibly X-Men: First Class? Let's hope)
  5. Edgar Wright - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Shaun Of The Dead, Spaced (TV series)
It was such a tough decision to come down to just 5, worthy mentions are; James Cameron, Greg Mottola, David Fincher, Danny Boyle and even Ben Stiller- again mostly predictable. I guess if I made a top 10, they would be in it, but that's just being picky and selfish. I'll leave it at 5.

What would be your Top 5 favourite and most influential Directors?
Leave me a comment or let me know via a message or comment if you want :)

PS: Don't forget to vote in my poll for this month, it would be a huge help- thank you!
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Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Running Time: 106 Minutes
Directed By:
George Nolfi
Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, John Slattery, Terence Stamp, Michael Kelly
Screenplay: George Nolfi
UK Release Date: 4th March 2011

Quick Plot: David Norris is a determined politician who falls in love with the gorgeous ballet dancer Elise. But they were only meant to meet once, never to see each other again but after chance lets them, The Adjustment Bureau have to let David know the truth. If he stays with Elise, both their lives will have terrible consequences but David isn't going to let her get away that easy. Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick.

Review: I'm embarrassed, that was the worst plot summary of a film ever; some of it doesn't make sense and it looks like a complete different story than what is actually is. The same goes for the trailer and some of the advertisement posters too. I have to agree with Claudia Winkleman and Danny Leigh from Film 2011 on this one, because the posters I've seen around town are terrible for this film! Not only does Emily Blunt not wear that silk red dress, but the film is absolutely nothing like Inception or The Bourne films! Ok, they are similar to two ways, Inception and this both have a sense of Sci-fi, something different than the norm. And Bourne and The Adjustment Bureau both have Matt Damon in.
The Adjustment Bureau had an original release date of Autumn 2010, but then got held back a few months and even with my my excitement high, it was still the amazing film I wanted it to be. I think the reason I knew I'd like this film so much was because the whole concept of the film is around true love. Call me stupid and naive, I know it's not a full blown romantic film, but David and Elise's love story was perfect and so real (other than the fact they were being chased by 'angels ((they aren't angels)) in suits). Ok I'll stop with the brackets, that's getting confusing. Speaking of the men in suits and hats, again agreeing with Film 2011, that oart of the film really worked. Well everything worked well I guess, the whole story is extremely clever and enthralling- everything about it grabbed me in. Maybe I'm biased because I wanted to see this ever since I saw the first teaser but I do honestly think this film is really incredible. The story is continually moving and even though I've already said this, the love story makes it so much different. You really want David Elise to get together and live happily ever after because they both deserve it and they are both lovable characters.
Matt Damon was fantastic as always, Emily Blunt was great and their chemistry together was believable and real. I know I haven't seen that many films so far this year and it's only March, but they shared one of my favourite kisses so far this year, I thought the whole romantic part of the film was just perfect. I need to stop using the word perfect....The Sci-fi element was great along with the kind of, dramatic side with David Norris. I think a bonus for me could have been the shots of New York and the skyline, they were beautiful.
All round, a fantastic, atypical, lovable film and I think anyone will like it. Don't watch it if you're not up to following along the storyline though, you'll get bored easily.

To the left is my favourite advertising poster for The Adjustment Bureau  (shame I haven't seen any in person yet, I think they are more in the US and on the tubes :( )

and below is the trailer for The Adjustment Bureau.
After seeing the film, I think it makes the film look different to what it actual is, but the music behind the trailer still gives me goosebumps which evidently made me download it.

The Adjustment Bureau trailer

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Friday, 4 March 2011

No Strings Attached (2011)

Running Time: 108 Minutes
Directed By:
Ivan Reitman
Starring: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher
Screenplay: Elizabeth Meriwether
UK Release Date: 25th February 2011

Quick Plot: Emma and Adam decide on becoming friends with benefits, under a few conditions; no snuggling after sex, no getting jealous and absolutely, no falling in love with one another.

Review: Woah woah woah woah hold up, I've rated a film 3 stars? Not 4 or 5! Ok, that's not a big deal, I'm actually more surprised I didn't give this film 2 stars. But, to be very honest, the cliche storyline and lovey dovey cuteness of it made me like it a little bit.
I want to compare my viewing of this film like Valentine's Day. I didn't think Valentine's Day was a great film but the cuteness of it was the best factor. I guess I'm just a sucker for everything cute, romantic and predictable like this but I think the storyline was incredibly poor and some of the characters were hard to believe. Even though there was only one real storyline between Emma and Adam, there were lots of little ones then never really got complete I guess? (Excluding the little end title bit that was not good either) there was for instance, Adam's friend and Emma's friend, were they together or not? Adam's Dad, was he ok or what? How did Adam's show carry on and how did he get on as a screenwriter? You know, just little things I really think shouldn't have been there or should have at least been completed. (sorry if I've spoilt it for anyone lol)
I don't like putting films down, because  a film is a film. Take it for what it is. So I'll tell you the good things about this film.

Natalie Portman. I'm biased, she's probably my top favourite actress I've decided. Admired her since I was 5 and I don't think that is ever going to change. She was good, not Black Swan or V For Vendetta good, but average good. When she cried, I wanted to cry with her and when she laughed I laughed with her too. So that's a good start. Aston Kutcher was..Aston Kutcher I guess. I was talking to my friend the other day about him actually and how he isn't that much of a great actor but he isn't too bad to look at so that was a bonus. I guess him and Natalie had chemistry and there were a few, real, funny scenes and lines.
I'm not going to recommend this to everyone because it's not for everyone. If you're a girl, you will probably enjoy it by a fraction, if not a lot (like one of the women in the screen, she could not stop laughing) but if you are a boy you won't like it unless you just want to oggle your eyes at Natalie Portman.
There are other good films out at the moment but I wouldn't turn this away. Like I said 3 stars I think I'd give this and 3 stars isn't bad. It's a cute, predictable, funny film.

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