Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Kings Speech (2011)

Running Time: 118 Minutes
Directed By: Tom Hooper
Starring: Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce
Screenplay: David Seidler
UK Release Date: 7th January 2011 
Quick Plot: It's 1925 and Prince Albert is speaking at Wembely Stadium in front of a great audience but with one problem, his lack of confidence with his stutter. With the sad passing of the King, a reluctant older brother and many countries to rule, Prince Albert seeks help with his speech from Australian Therapist, Lionel Logue. 

Review: Well my quick plot was terrible, it's hard to put the plot line into words. The King's Speech has many earned award nominations including Best Picture at tomorrows Golden Globe Awards. I already had many high expectations of this film which I was correct about, all the performances in The King's Speech are spectacular but most of all Colin Firth's portray of Prince Albert is fantastic. 
Queen Liz and King George
One of the first things I said to my friend after the film had finished is that it's a good 'bromance' film. Prince Albert befriends Lionel Logue and while at first the relationship has it's ups and downs, you find yourself totally taken by the relationship between them. To which Geoffrey Rush was tremendous too. I'm slightly biased in the sense that I admire Helena Bonham Carter a lot, but I did think she did a great job of portraying the Queen Mum in this and in some emotional scenes her performance teamed with Firths was remarkable. 
Bertie and Albert
The funny thing I have to mention is that my friend and I were the only people in the screen under the age of about 20. Everyone else was older, but that made the experience of watching this film much better because everyone laughed at the jokes in the film which I think not many people aged 16 would today. I thought the film was so very well written, more emotional than I thought and just excellent. I only gave it 4 stars in MY review because I don't think it's for everyone. There's many people that if they saw this film they would think it was a waste of time which is certainly is not. I'm not going to say I hope it wins Best Picture tomorrow because I would be lying because I want The Social Network to win, but if it does win, it's fully deserved and I'll be happy for Tom Hooper and Colin Firth.
Right that's the end of this really, quite pointless review.

 The King's - Official Speech Trailer HD

I hope to do more soon and hopefully I see a bad film soon, cause this string of really good films makes me look like I just think every film is good.
If not I'm going to have to review Skyline or even Racing Stripes.
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  1. I want to see this film! :D
    I think it sounds really interesting.
    Racing Stripes would manage one star with difficulty ;)

  2. Such an excellent film Nadine - great review!


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