Wednesday, 24 August 2011

One Day (2011)

Running Time: 108 mins
Directed By: Lone Scherfig
Starring: Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Romola Garai, Patricia Clarkson, Jodie Whittaker, Rafe Spall
Screenplay: David Nicholls
UK Release Date: UK - 24th August

Quick Plot: On July 15th 1988, Emma and Dexter spend their graduation night together promising to remain good friends. Over the next 20 years the films revisits the pair for one day a year- the anniversary of the day they met. The film see's what their lives pan out to be with laughs, losses and a lot of love. -Cheesy synopsis there.

Review: Romantic Comedies aren't exactly rare, but every now and then one comes along that outshines the rest of them. I wouldn't go as far as saying One Day is iconic or rememberable, but it certainly sparkles.
About a year ago, one of my cousins told me about the book he was reading and how it was 'the best book he's ever read' and how I would 'love it' and yes you guessed it, this book was One Day. I found out it was even more successful as I first thought when it was announced it was to be adapted into a film, later being announced to star Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. Of course I gave it a go and it's got to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I could go on about how good of a book it is and how much it will change your life but this is a review of the film, sadly.
One Day is a film about every type of love. The love you have with your family, the love you share with your friends and that one true love those lucky enough experience in their lives. The good thing about this adaption is that the author also wrote the screenplay (David Nicholls also wrote the screenplay for another of his book adaptations Starter For 10), so he knew the key moments that needed to be included and how to keep the beautiful moral, if you will, that the book held. As most instances, it’s not as good as the book, but for a film, it works well as a good adaption. The standout moments are still there as are the witty ethics that the leads have. I wouldn’t really define One Day as a Rom Com, it has it’s funny parts but it’s certainly not a predictable lovey dovey tale. It’s all down to the way Dexter and Emma have been written, they have a bond that is a lot deeper than meets the eye. They constantly bicker with snide remarks to each other, are playfully sarcastic but at the end of the day really care about one another. The other characters are written well for the adaption too, being the secondary characters that really have no likeability neither do they hold any type of dislikablity as they are literally part of the narrative, whereas in the book you have a bigger insight. One Day is directed by Lone Scherfig, who has a knack for capturing the beauty of a friendship and finding your self (similarly with the 2009 film An Education) so it's no surprise the film is utilised in sweetness.
Having read the book I hope I am fully entitled to say that I believe Jim Sturgess is in every way possible, the greatest actor to be Dexter. I think he gave the character everything he got and made him the selfish, arrogant yet totally lovable Dexter Mayhew I fell in love with in the books. Sturgess, I already knew was a tremendous actor, but his portrayal of Dexter has me convinced he's got a lot more to show us in the future. I can't give him the credit of making him able to play a character over 20 years appearance wise, but I can say he shows the way his character develops extremely well. Now to Anne Hathaway, who's accent in the film has caused quite a stir. As a a reader of the book, I admit that Hathaway wouldn't have been my first choice to be Emma Morley but I can see why she was cast. Anne Hathaway is an actress who has come a long way in her career and we know she can play roles well. Her accent isn't exactly the best but if you push that aside she plays a good Emma. She's quirky, serious and real. Real enough anyway to be our lead Emma. The chemistry between the pair is apparent on screen and for that I really am thankful that Sturgess and Hathaway have put their all into the film knowing the books has lots of fans.
Now the film does have it's flaws. Hopefully it's not the book in the back of my mind, but I feel as if some days were a lot shorter than they should have been and sometimes the characters didn't get enough screen time to show their full emotions. As much as it's tried very hard to flow well, One Day has it's odd moments when you feel unsatisfied with a scene or not fully understanding what has happened in a certain year but it's definitely done the best it could have achieved in your average film duration. As for the ending of the film, it had nearly the same effect on me as the book. The film is lovable which I think is mostly to do with the leading roles but luckily enough everything else about it is quite simply lovely.

If you don't compare it to the book, forget Hathaway's accent and be patient with it, One Day is a gem which will make you laugh, cry and most of all love.

In my opinion, the best trailer for One Day..
Pure cheese of a verdict there.
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

Running Time: 97 mins
Directed By: Ben Palmer
Starring: Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Laura Haddock, Emily Head
Screenplay: Iain Morris, Damon Beesley
UK Release Date: UK- 17th August

Quick Plot: The boys of the award winning UK sitcom The Inbetweeners are finally 18 and out of school! So what better way for them to celebrate than go on a lads holiday?

Review: Turning a successful TV show into a film can be a challenge but it can work depending. The whole reason The Inbetweeners has managed to pull out a film is because the TV show is such a huge hit and has an incredible fan base. Mostly because of the fact the characters are so relatable and believable. On a personal note I enjoyed the show a lot, I watched the first series after it was aired and from then on I watched them all when they aired but I know for a fact there are even bigger fans out there. It's kind of mental the impact it's had on people. I recall, for the last series anyway, how the day after the latest episode was aired, school was spent quoting lines to each other and everyone discussing the funniest moments-which was pretty much the whole episode. If you hadn't seen the episode yet you were pretty much out of the day's conversations until you had, the fan base is that incredible!
The film for me is a lot more funnier than the show, completely exhilarating and a huge accomplishment for Film 4 (as we can see by the opening weekends takings). At no point does The Inbetweeners Movie try to differentiate from the show which I think is why it's worked so well. The first part of the film is narrated by one of the main lads, Will, which gives the feel of the TV show and as the film continues it keeps giving off the vibe the TV show had which is a nice feeling. The story is what you expect from the 4 lads jetting off on a holiday, yet the jokes are even better than the TV show. As the films got a 15 rating compared to the shows 18, the jokes have had to come down a bit but I think because it's a film, the length of the normal show is obviously almost quadrupled, the jokes are more consistent and last longer. As predictable as most of the story is- which is what you expect- the film never fails to deliver a swift joke either ill or stupidly humoured. I wouldn't quite go as far as saying The Inbetweeners has the best cinematography this Summer, but it certainly brings in the same shots from the TV series but uses the fact they are shooting a 97 minute long film to their advantage, by capturing different shots, including a slow motion drinking binge.
Not only is it the fact that the film sticks to idea of the TV show it's also the acting that make this film greater than you'd first think. Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison are absolute wondrous actors. These roles are pretty much all they have so far for them, acting wise, and they without a doubt they have the roles mastered. Their chemistry is sweet and completes the film.
The screen I saw it in, even though the film has been out for a nearly a week, was still heaving and almost full, the atmosphere was divine as you were surrounded by laughter. The Inbetweeners had me in fits and I left the screen with the feeling I hoped for from The Hangover 2. The Hangover Part II wasn't a bad film it was funny but with the hype the film's release got, was a disappointment whereas the Inbetweeners Movie has completely overrun the amount of excitement it got if you can believe it!

Quite simply the UK's equivalent to Superbad. Dirty, funny and above anything else believable (and probably historical accurate to some peoples lives.)


I'm just hoping for the Arrested Development Movie next year!
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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Running Time: 106 mins
Directed By: Rupert Wyatt
Starring: James Franco, Andy Serkis, Freida Pinto, Brian Cox, Tom Felton, John Lithgow
Screenplay: Amanda Silver, Rick Jaffa
UK Release Date: UK - 11th August

Quick Plot: A drug that allows brain repair it's self is a scientific breakthrough for Scientist Will Rodman, but before the drug can be available for human use it must be tested on an orphaned chimpanzee, Caesar. What starts off as a rapid boost in Caesar's brain functionality, and proof that the drug works, the chimp soon begins to realise his place is on earth with humans. After being humiliated and wronged, he meets other chimps and they form a rising.

Review: Taking on a franchise of already successful films is one thing but to create a prequel for it is another. It's either a huge success of a huge flop but from this years X-Men: First Class we have proof a prequel can be done, all it needs is a charismatic cast and a solid and believable story and thankfully for us, Rise of the Planet of the Apes has that.
The cast are pretty impressive, James Franco, Tom Felton, Brian Cox, John Lithgow- they're all great but it's Andy Serkis who is the obvious stand out. The reason Rise of the Planet of the Apes has been so successful (in the US so far anyway) is because of it's time. If it was made 5 years ago, it wouldn't have been able to use the correct technology to make the apes look real enough. That's the beauty of the film, the apes look so lifelike and pure and it's simply down to the technology that enables emotion to be portrayed onto an animal. Of course who better to play a non-human than Andy Serkis! All of his parts are the best of the film because the emotions and feelings you see in the ape are pure and not created using a computer but from a human. He knows how to play an ape well and that is why Caesar can fully take the role of main character. It's the apes of the film who OWN it and definitely deserve all the credit they can get. But let's not forget about the human cast, Franco great as usual (is there anything he can't do?!) as is Freida Pinto. But other impressive acts were definitely Felton's more sinister Dodge, who 'takes care' of the apes in their secure home and Lithgow as Will Rodman's sick Father. Felton playing an evil role again but I found this role more immoral than usual but brilliantly well done even if the accent was a little funny to hear at first. I don't want to go off topic and unprofessional, but I have a small connection with the Alzheimer's storyline (as I know a lot of other people will have too) and I found it very emotional but portrayed in the right way. For Lithgow to play the role of a man with the disease is a great bit of acting and he definitely deserves recognition for his small but important role.
It's mainly the real life special effects that had me enchanted by the films real beauty and their connection and study with apes. Of course it's going to be more believable than the 1968 Planet of the Apes because of the technology around- that's a given. But as well with the prequel side of it, the apes are still apes- compared to their later on evolution. Similarly with X-men this year, I found myself not wanting the real ending to occur because as much as you know how it's going to end you don't want it to because you know later on how much destruction and pain will be felt in the future. Yet Rise of the Planet of the Apes does exactly what you hope it would by being beautifully brutal yet undeniably taken in to a great side of the Sci-fi world.
It's a little funny too, I'm not sure whether that was because the cinema was packed or what, but the film has it's funny moments. One of the 'big' moments, of which its aim is not laughs, it very funny indeed because you don't expect it. And for that matter I enjoyed watching it.
Like I said with Super 8 last week, this Summer is filled with obsessive Summer Blockbusters and Rise of the Planet of the Apes could count as one with action and explosions but it's a lot more accomplished. It's a lot better than most of this Summer's films and almost definitely one of the surprise masterpieces of this year.
From a quick post credits scene we see how the human race will be affected by the main plot of this film seeming to a sequel which Rupert Wyatt has not yet confirmed nor booted away. With the beauty of this I am all for a sequel, especially with the technology now available, but as long as it's delicacy is treated kindly.
Keep an eye out for small nods towards the franchise for example a certain piece of iconography that resembles a key icon from the original films, recycled lines and names of certain apes.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is emotional, powering and a different type of narrative to what we usually get today and for that reason this film is a gem. It's stunning in the CG technology and it's not one to be missed. Apes will Rise!

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

As I saw the film two days ago it's going to be hard to remember all but I'm going to try as I really want to write up a review of it. This time round this review is very disappointing as I think I'm out of words! Two reviews in one day and another blog post too!

Running Time: 118 mins
Directed By: Jon Favreau
Starring: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, Noah Ringer
Screenplay: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby
UK Release Date: UK -17th August

Quick Plot: In a small town in Arizona, a man awakens to find a weird shackle on his wrist with not memory of what has happened to him. Later he finds his identity as Jake Lonergan and soon after witnesses most of the towns people being taken by a mysterious alien ship and starts to remember the same happened to him but was lucky to escape. With the help from a slapdash group of survivors from the town including a dog, a young boy and a woman, they set out to find the people of the town while Jake tries to recover the memory of his past.

Review: Cowboys & Aliens ticks all of the boxes for a Summer Blockbuster. It has explosions, destruction, cool technology and as a bonus there are cowboys! The genre works fantastically well too, a western and sci-fi?! It's only been mastered a few times, Serenity and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Cyrstal Skull are two to name a few and even then Indy 4 wasn't much of a accomplishment.
The film starts off nicely with a bit of mystery to it and sets the scene perfectly with some beautiful shots of the landscape which I really was taken by. The story goes on to focus on only a small number of main characters which is a nice thing to see for a not so hot, Summer of blockbusters. The cast are ideal and fabulous but what did you expect in a film with both James Bond AND Indiana Jones as lead roles? You can't fault their performance in Cowboys & Aliens like most of their films and I'd like to say both characters were a contrast of how people handle emotion differently. Ford's character of Woodrow Dolarhyde for example is a Dad who's lost his son in the mist of the alien kidnapping whilst Craig's Jake Lonergan is a man who needs to find out his past of which has has forgotten. The beautifully talented Olivia Wilde holds a key part in the film for her character Ella and as much as she is a beauty for the eye she still knows how to justify her roles and in this instance her one was very interesting. But it's Sam Rockwell who stood out for me. Being the able actor that he is, he took the smaller role but with a very sophisticated storyline very skillfully and also had a few of the jokes for the film. Additionally young Noah Ringer also sparkled in the film for me as a sweet gem of an actor who I hope goes a long way.
As for the Sci-fi part of the film it's very much clever although has it's negligible flaws. As much as the whole idea of the story is good the whole narrative of Cowboys & Aliens is a little disappointing, with no real depth to it. Just a basic story with a few little twists but nothing mind blowing or epic and you'd expect it from Jon Favreau. Like I said I enjoyed the first part of the film but the last quarter or so was a lot more appealing to me because you saw a lot more of the aliens and their 'space ship'. Unlike Super 8 where you felt no sort of feelings towards neither against the 'thing', the aliens in Cowboys & Aliens were quite freaky and scary! Well as frightening as you can get for a 12. As much as they were not developed enough for you to understand their full story for why they were on earth they were cruel to the humans and had showed no emotion instead pretty cool technology and a weird looking face which as much as I thought they could have looked a bit better for the film, are sufficient enough. They're cool enough and had their jumpy moments- for me anyway!
As the film progresses each character starts to share a new bond like Ella and Jake, the young lad and the older man, yet no sense of emotion between the two leads up until the very end which was a small disappointment. But going away from the small things that disappointed me here's to the stuff that I did like. The balance between the action and adventure worked extremely well as we got chances to see horse back riding, fights with aliens, explosions, gun shots and shots from alien technology too. It's not funny but it's not meant to be, there are a few one liners or even just actions performed by Jake Lonergan that are enough to make the audience smile a bit. At a few points during the film I thought the mix of characters, the storyline and explosions was causing a mess but if you don't take it too seriously you're in for a delightful treat.

It's fun. Nothing of a great film but among a Summer full of let down blockbusters with too many ridiculously looking females still looking immaculate in the middle of fights, too many aliens or robots or a massive cast Cowboys & Aliens is ok. I enjoyed watching it so for that I praise the film for holding my attention after a very long day at the Empire Big Screen.


First official trailer for Cowboys & Aliens

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30 Minutes Or Less (2011)

As I saw the film two days ago it's going to be hard to remember all but I'm going to try as I really want to write up a review of it.

Running Time: 83 mins
Directed By: Ruben Fleischer
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, Nick Swardson, Fred Ward, Dilshad Vadsaria
Screenplay: Michael Diliberti
UK Release Date: UK 16th September

Quick Plot: When two lazy racketeer's realise they need money and fast, they hatch a plan of kidnapping a pizza boy, strapping a bomb on him and forcing him to a rob a bank in order of keeping his life. Seems pretty simple right?

Review: One of the greatest things about 30 Minutes Or Less is that it's very silly but not long and over powered like a lot of films are. It's only 83 minutes long and it's so enjoyable it flies past!
As much as people say Jesse Eisenberg plays too many similar characters- the awkward, nerdy teen- he's pretty good at it! His role in The Social Network earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor and he carried out the role of the cold hearted Mark Zuckerberg very well. Though back to this film, his character Nick, even though again socially awkward in parts, seems a lot different to his usual stereotypical roles. His character develops throughout the film and even if it is extremely wrong, being strapped to a bomb taught the guy a lesson. At the beginning Nick is a lazy pizza boy who doesn't even attempt to try and deliver on time and he takes his friendship with Chet for granted. But throughout the film he learns a lot and becomes selfless. It's easy to see that Fleischer and Eisenberg have a bond that works well enough so that Eisenberg can stretch his acting techniques well in this film like his others but also create a little something different in Eisenberg's character. As for Aziz Ansari as Chet, it's pretty much the same, he's a very funny character throughout who steals a lot more gags than Eisenberg does. Ansari has done a lot of comedy work, having small roles in films like Get Him To The Greek, Funny People and having a role in the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation. I hope the film will be a big hit for him and I hope people start to acknowledge how much of a great comedic actor he is.
After having an exclusive look at one of the funniest scenes from 30 Minutes Or Less in the morning at the Empire Big Screen, I was sure Chet was going to be the funniest character but in my opinion Danny McBride was maybe funnier. As the lazy, insensitive Dwayne, McBride is absolutely hilarious moreover the juvenile and stupidity of his character was neatly written for the comedic value. Travis played by Nick Swardson as Dawyne's side kick and trustworthy companion, was too extremely funny but McBride and Ansari's characters were, personally anyway, the funniest and half of the comedy source.
The other half of the comedy was simply the silly plot which I've researched and found out is based on a true story! It's so stupidly silly, like Ruben Fleischer's previous film, Zombieland which also starred Eisenberg. It's silly yet witty and playful forcing you laugh at the frivolous jokes. And that's only some of the film, it's also has a lot of humorous action with guns, fire blasters, lots of money and fast cars! It's not exactly amazingly written but some of the jokes run along with the plot quite well even if some a little too crude than they needed to be. Watch out of a Facebook gag which put the audience in hysterics. The film gets underway very quickly after a quick insight into the main characters lives and like I've said, it's not a very long feature film at all in comparison to a lot of stuff we see today, so it's nice to have a good comedy film which doesn't drag anything out and gets straight to the point. It's extremely entertaining and quick humoured and after you'll find yourself having had a nice laugh at a quick, funny, innocent (probably not the best word) comedy action.

A nice quick review for a nice quick film. It's funny, smart and I enjoyed watching it. I hope it does wonders in the box office but am sure a lot of people will enjoy it. Can't really ask for much more! 4/5

30 Minutes Or Less first trailer
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My day at the Empire BIG SCREEN 13th August 2011

On Saturday 13th August 2011, I was lucky enough to attend the Empire Big Screen at the London O2. I was even more lucky to have got a ticket for the Big Screen event in the morning which included a bunch of exclusive clips that are so exclusive our phones/cameras/iPods got taken off us in case of piracy!

My post is a bit long, but the films, actors, directors and main events are bold for an easier read so you can just read the parts you;re interested in. I have pictures and a few links to the trailers that are already online too.

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Super 8 (2011)

My last review was extremely long and I think I went off the point. I like to make thorough reviews but I like to make them interesting and to the point so this will be shorter..

Running Time: 111 mins
Directed By: J.J. Abrams
Starring: Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, Ryan Lee, Zach Mills, Riley Griffiths, Gabriel Basso, Ron Eldard, Kyle Chandler
Screenplay: J.J. Abrams
UK Release Date: 5th August

Quick Plot: Joe and his school friends are making their own zombie film on their super 8 camera in the Summer of 1979. One night the young team witness a dramatic train and truck collision and since start to notice disappearances and weird activity occurring in their small town.

Review: Super 8 has been described as the 'most eagerly-anticipated and original films of the summer blockbuster season' and with the fantastic UK reviews it received I was excited to see it, thinking it would be good and I'd enjoy it. It's so much more than that.
It's written and directed by J.J. Abrams but I've only seen a few of his works. He produced Cloverfield which I enjoyed and he directed the 2009 Star Trek which is one of the greatest Sci-Fi films I have ever seen, it blew me away. Steven Speilberg we know is a master of films and their genres and with him producing Super 8 it's no surprise the film is groundbreaking. Everyone has compared Super 8 to E.T but say it's not as good which is true of course as something would have to be pretty magnificent to be better but it definitely comes close. I like to say it pays homage to E.T or better yet, Speilberg himself.
Super 8 has it's small, funny lines which aren't meant to make the film funny or make the audience cry with laughter, it is simply adding to the cinematic experience of enjoyment that the film holds. The humorous atmosphere doesn't need to be spoilt either, the kids are on the brink of puberty so there's no rude or crude jokes which most films nowadays feel the need to have.
I jumped a lot. It's not at all scary but Abrams knows how to build up the tension and they were the frightening but utter most wonderful parts. The screen I was in for Super 8 on wasn't overly packed but the character in the screen for me helped my enjoyment of Super 8. When the 'thing' made a noise and the current face character turned to look for what could be there, it was silent and people would start to pull their hands up to their faces, or legs in my case, because you knew it was coming. A few times someone yelped which, I'm surprised wasn't me, and I nearly hit the people next to me I was that taken aback but then after people would laugh at the person next to them because they were scared. But they were definitely some of the best moments. Again I applaud Abrams because the way he has written the story and dialogue is absolutely fantastic. At the end of the day it's a sweet story about a group of young friends having their Summer off school, two of the more central characters have problems with their fathers with a small love story. But Abrams has brought in the sci-fi edge which makes the film somewhat original. Maybe not completely original but nonetheless one of the best films 2011 has seen. I've got to mention the beautifully mastered camera shots in the film which works well with the story of a super 8 camera. They are crafted so well with some point of view shots from the 'thing' and my favourite that occur at night with the smidgen of light seeping through buildings and trees.
Speaking of the 'thing' (and no not the film, I'm afraid of that) I'm not going to post a picture to ruin it because it will spoil the fun. I feel proud I didn't see it on google as the US release for Super 8 seems like years ago now! But let me talk about it with the film. The 'thing' isn't exactly incredible but you don't think about it because it's not developed in a good way. You're neither scared (the tension is the only frightening bit) nor do you have a connection with it and that all works well. The CGI on it is good especially with the film's time setting but it's the very long but well created crash near the first quarter of the film. It's long and loud with explosions and crashes and things being destroyed. Probably one of my favourite bits of the film even if it was very dramatic, it might be long hauled but I liked it and I can't quite compared it to anything right now.
Now onto the part that stole my heart, the cast. There are adults in the film who do their part well, especially Kyle Chandler and Ron Eldard but it's the kids who OWN Super 8. They're all fabulous, there isn't any that strike out as better than one another but it's Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning as more of the leads of the film. Both of their roles are fantastic, well developed and written and even more better portrayed. Elle Fanning who we know from such films as Daddy Day Care, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Somewhere and plenty more is one of the most elegant and sophisticated young actresses of our time and she will go on to make more wonderfully dignified films. Whilst Super 8 is Joel Courtney's first film, it doesn't show on screen as he plays the lead, Joe, a boy who has lost his dear Mother who struggles with a relationship with his father, ever so well. Both lovable leads with their own sweet love story attached, have emotional, believable scenes involving family yet both show the best side of being young teenagers too. You've got to remember that some of the younger actors are acting on acting which might not appear a struggle but can be quite a challenge, especially at a young age but they work at it completely.

I did not want Super 8 to end, I had a smile on my face throughout and I simply enjoyed watching it. Only with a few films have I felt a powerful cinema connection (call me nuts) and Super 8 is one of them, it reminded me of the reason I adore cinema and films. In years to come I hope it will stand out as one of the best sci-fi, family adventure films and personally, I will treasure the whole experience I had with this film for a very long time.

Here is both the teaser for Super 8 that was released last year, which I remember watching more than once to try and see if I could try and work anything out from it.
The second trailer doesn't give too much away but in 2 minutes you've got the main plot.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

July Poll

Out of the following 10, who is your MOST favourite Superhero ? (Based on either films, comics, TV shows or just what one you prefer)

  4 (5%)
  27 (37%)
Green Lantern
  1 (1%)
  0 (0%)
Wonder Woman
  2 (2%)
  3 (4%)
Iron Man
  8 (11%)
The Hulk
  3 (4%)
Captain America
  0 (0%)
  24 (33%)

72 votes my goodness! That's so much more than I expected! Thank you if you voted.
No surprise really with the results, Batman is loved even though he may not be 'super' but more of a vigilante.
Spider-man in second which is no shock either because he's probably the most famous Marvel superhero. Funnily enough 2012 is bringing us the third installment of the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan and a reboot of Spider-man.
Iron Man is third which is awesome but Superman being only 4th is a slight shock.
Captain America and Flash have no votes which isn't odd apart from the fact I liked Captain America last week.
Not much of an analysis but there we go.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!
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