Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Girl With All the Gifts (2016) mini review

Due to time restrictions and wanting to get this out before the film is released in the UK on 23rd September. Here is a mini review of 4 reasons why The Girl With All The Gifts is a game changer for the zombie genre.


1. It's a British film. Now I don't want to say that it is only the UK that make pretty good zombie films, but we do have some great ones (Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later come to mind). I think The Girl With All The Gifts fits in this list quite nicely, because it's not the typical blood, gore, humans-running-away-from-zombies setup. It makes you think about what it means to be human and about evolution, along with point 3 which is quite terrifying.

2. The score. To set the scene, this is the basic premise. The film opens with a young girl, Melanie, underground in a bunker with other children. It is unclear what the children and the few adults are being protected from, but it soon becomes apparent that they are living survivors from an infection that takes away a human's mental capacity and changes their diet to human flesh. Melanie and the other children are the next generation of 'hungries': they retain their minds allowing them to communicate and even have the capacity to love. Once the bunker gets raided by hungries, Melanie and a few other human survivors have to make their way to London on a limited about of supplies which is when the whole situation becomes increasingly tense as a hungry could be around the corner. Oh, and they are fast zombies.

The tension is thrilling enough, but the loud score adds a completely different edgy atmosphere to the film, making sure that you are prepared for any sudden shock or movement.

3. This COULD actually happen! I would like to take this time to thank my cousin's partner for informing me that The Girl with all the Gifts is based on fact. This fungal disease that turns humans into 'hungries' exists, making this film haunting. The cinematography, added with the soundtrack, make the film appear bleak enough as it is, but with the thought that this dystopian England could possibly be our future it because a little more scary. I'm now going to be very cautious when I interact with people who have the common cold this winter, in case they are hunrgies.


4. The final concept

Without spoiling the film, the ending of The Girl With All The Gifts is quite refreshing (as far as zombie go) and unpredictable. Although the last half hour or so seems to steer away from the exhilarating opening, and the ending is wrapped up quite quickly, the film's final concept is great. It luckily saves the film, leaving you thinking while the credits roll.


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