Friday, 1 July 2011

NEW POLL - July 2011

Wow, it's July already!
It hasn't been a bad 6 months of film releases either! Though in actual fact, I haven't seen quite the amount of films I've wanted to due to exams and having more on my plate than I thought.
But, out of the films I have seen this year and ONLY at the cinema here are my top 5 favourites. Not necessarily EPIC films but ones that caught my eye and I could happily watch them again. This top 5 is totally my opinion and no one else's, it was hard enough to think of just 5 as it is being that this is a limited amount of films to choose from.
  1. X-Men: First Class (x)
  2. Source Code (x)
  3. Thor (x)
  4. Tangled (x)
  5. Bridesmaids (x)
    I'm interested in knowing what your favourite films of this year so far are! Maybe you don't live in the UK and you've had the delights of seeing Super 8, Cars 2 or others already and you enjoyed them? Or maybe you've seen a film on DVD or TV that wasn't released this year but it's made an impact on you? Whether it's a top 5 of films or just a few that you love please comment below or on the facebook comment!
    Below in the comment box you can comment with your blogger user or comment with your name or leave it Anonymous- either way I'm excited to hear your favourites!
    (Why not tell me some of the films you're most looking forward to this year?!)

    As you've probably noticed from the title of this post, I've got a new poll on the top right hand side of my blog. I've chosen 5 Avengers and 5 from the DC superhero world for a Superhero poll. Totally random choices.
    It's nothing important, neither are the results being used for anything- I'm simply curious. It doesn't take long at all, no more than 10 seconds I expect so if you could take my poll for me, it would mean a great deal to me.

    If you have taken my poll, commented with your favourite films of this year so far or just read this post- thank you.

    Let's hope the rest of the year for cinema goes as good!
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    1. it's hard to just pick one! but Tangled and X-Men have to be my favourites (mostly because I haven't seen the rest yet!)
      Of course, I'm dying to see Harry Potter... and Monte Carlo (which comes out in Spain next September) haha :)

    2. oh yes Nadine! these are definitely the best choices...well I still need to see Source Code and Bridesmaids but I bet they're good too...oh and that poll! it was a bit difficult...apparently everyone has been saying that Cars 2 isnt good and that comes from a kid who said it...but I havent seen it and I cant tell if its bad or good but i've seen kung fu panda 2 and its a good movie I think that better than the first one...oh well nice list and poll!

    3. Its hard to choose but i think i could name my top 5 films of the year so far. With 4 or 5 bubbling under that could eaisly be in the top 5 after i watch them again.

      but here we go not in any order:

      Blue Valentine
      Source Code
      Tree Of Life
      True Grit

      Never Let Me Go
      127 Hours
      Black Swan
      X-Men First Class
      The Fighter
      The Kings Speech
      The Lincoln Lawyer

      Have you seen alot of these, what did you think about them?

    4. Oh and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a 5 star, but i was always going to love it. Big fan of the books you see!!

    5. Thank you so much for checking out my blog posts and even more for commenting! It's much appreciated.
      Like your top 5 though I haven't seen Blue Valentine, Submarine OR Tree Of Life...yet. I love Richard Ayoade and Submarine looks fantastic. My local cinema hasn't been showing Tree Of Life which is a pain because I REALLY want to see it. What did you think of it?
      And out of that list I've seen:

      Source Code, True Grit, Never Let Me Go, 127 Hours, Black Swan, X-Men First Class, The Fighter and The Kings Speech. All of which I have wrote reviews on if you search their name! If I remember correctly I gave them all either 4 or 5 stars /5!
      Loved Source Code and X-Men as you can see with them being in my top 5 and really enjoyed True Grit. Hailee Steinfeld's performance was incredible. I've read the Never Let Me Go book and loved that more than the film but it's hard to find film adaptions better than books. The film I enjoyed too and loved all of them films really!

      I gave it 5 stars too in my min-review. Throughly loved and I'm a huge fan of the books also. I thought it was a perfect end to a great film series.
      Sorry for this long reply and thanks again ever so much for the comment! :D

    6. I still loved the film and believe it's a great addition to Disney's animated classics. Lastly, let me just add a big "Yeah!" to the film's final moments when Flynn, back in narrator mode, reveals that it was several years before he and Rapunzel got married. A much better message for children than the more usual we-saw-each-other-twice-before-tying-the-knot which seems almost de rigueur in so many fairy tales.


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