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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Running Time: 124 mins
Directed By: Joe Johnston
Starring: Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Stanley Tucci, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan
Screenplay: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
UK Release Date: 29th July

Quick Plot: It's the birth of the first Avenger in 1942 World War II America. Small and weedy Steve Rogers is declined as being unfit for the US army but when Rogers undergoes a transformation for a top secret project to become a new brand of super-soldiers he gains powers he'd only dreamed of. Evil Red Skull leads the HYDRA organisation, threatens to take over America with his scientific experiments and who better to stop him than Captain America?

Review: THE AVENGERS..two small words that mean a great deal to little fan girl me, every single Marvel fan and the majority of all film fans. If you haven't heard anything about it yet then you've got to keep up, especially if you're a film fan. For newbies, The Avengers film is due for release next year and involves a few superheroes from the Marvel universe, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor etc. This isn't a post about The Avengers you'll have to research the rest if you really don't know.
Thor was fantastic and one of the best films I have seen this year, it really came out of nowhere considering the reception it received! X-Men: First Class I enjoyed a lot too, but probably more because of my fangirling. Instead Thor was a whole lot more entertaining, powerful and got Marvel back onto top form for their films. Captain America The First Avenger is obviously a different film that Thor and shouldn't be compared but as it stands Captain America is awfully long, making some scenes drag and although the acting, cinematography, story is great the film isn't exactly awesomely epic.
I remember when the film was announced. I wasn't excited until Chris Evans was attached and I probably got more excited after being within 3 metres of him last year. Last August, when I went to the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World premiere I saw Edgar Wright mention online that Evans was to attend because I had my doubts he'd be able to make it as Captain America was in production. He showed up and everyone screamed, even better his friend (possibly publicist) had a top with the Captain America/America flag on it. Sadly Chris didn't sign anything near where I was or take pictures but I saw him in the flesh and that is enough for me. Oh boy, this is irrelevant. I'll post a picture at the end of this review. Back to the film. I remember seeing pictures from the set and thought it looked fair but it was the first trailer that got me interested in the film. Then of course The Avengers announcement at last year's Comic-con helped a little too. Either way I was adamant to see this film.
It starts off with a great and indulgent first scene which to all Marvel fans will know it links to the last scene. Then after the eye catcher, the film moves to 1942 with an irritatingly long introductory scene which can't be blamed on the acting, instead the script. It's not a horrible script at all, the dialogue is good and it helps makes the characters likable, relatable and developed though I found the first half of the film extremely dull compared to the last half. Although entertaining, somewhat to understand the film as a whole and some great scenes for us to get a look into the protagonist's life and his transformation, it's still a little spiritless. The war theme is absolutely fantastic and works so well, although extremely unconvincing (fighting a evil Red Skull obviously isn't accurate to the War, but a few other factors fault it). But Captain America is a superhero film so I definitely think Joe Johnston and the team ought to have focused more on the superhero side than the War although the action isn't bad at all, in fact entertaining and adequate.
Steve Rogers played by the ever so perfect Chris Evans is now one of my most liked Marvel film protagonists. His story, though not as mighty as Thor, is emotional and impassioned, completely believable and relatable. When he's declined to be in the army, you know he's heartbroken and you feel for him, Evans gets your attention and you feel sorry for him. After the transformation, a girl I probably enjoyed the transformation a little more than I should have but again it's emotional. He's got it, he can now help the world even more because that's what he wants. I'm a sentimental person and I found the message, especially between scientist Erskine and Rogers heartwarming and just right on the level of emotion for the film. Just after the transformation when Rogers makes his first heroic deed, you realise the action is about to begin for the film. I can think of no one more perfect to be Captain America at all. Though now of course Chris Evans has the responsibility of being both the Human Torch and Captain America for fans, I think he is the most perfect person to be them both. Evans is a great actor as it is, but he deserves a lot of recognition for his work as both small, weak Steve Rogers and bold, muscular Captain America. It's even as if he is playing Steve Rogers but then Chris Evans IS Captain America. It works that perfectly. A little after him being Captain America there is some really unnecessary scene that is meant to be funny but personally I could have done without it. It focuses on creating the 40s theme but I found it long winded. Later though is probably my favourite scene from the film, it's a quick shot snap of a scene- blink and you'll miss it- but when Steve Rogers gets into his gear, shield included, the theme of it is perfected and I'm going to be honest..I had shivers.
Peggy Carter by Hayley Atwell is sweet and likable, she's fierce and justified. Her and Rogers have their cute moments though their combine storyline is cliché, her character is developed enough that she's not typical or predictable. Dominic Cooper's Howard Stark has a small role but it's clear that Cooper has done his research into the character but also made Howard Stark his own. Stanley Tucci continues to prove he can play a wide range of characters, though his role is short it's great a meaningful similarly with Sebastian Stan and Roger's best friend. Hugo Weaving does what comes naturally to him and gives a great performance of Red Skull, purely evil and a top class villain.
The cast is utterly brilliant and I can't praise Chris Evan's as Captain America enough. But other than that, the film certainly isn't the best it could have been. Instead of the long beginning, the end could have maybe been longer with more screen time for Captain America showing off his agility and combat. But it's enjoyable nonetheless.
Like I previously said, nothing on Thor but Captain America: The First Avenger is a great Marvel film. There have definitely been worse but it's not one of the greats. All I hope for is Steve Rogers story is handled cautiously in The Avengers with a sensitive hold on the fact that the guy has been stuck in time for a while.
All great Marvel things as per, Stan Lee has a really great cameo which I think is probably up in his best ones and the film has it's funny parts, maybe not as humorous as most marvel films but it's witty enough.

3.5 / 5

Captain America: The First Avenger first trailer

Here are the pictures I got of the beautiful Chris Evans at last years Scott Pilgrim vs. The World european premiere.
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  1. This is the best movie I've seen this year and, for me, that is big. I've watched The Rise of The Planet of The Apes and the new X-Men movie, but I really liked Captain America. It has a lot of positive messages and different scenes and action parts that keep you interested.


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