Friday, 20 March 2015

February and March happy things.

I never posted a February Happy Things post, so I'm combining both months. So for the last two month's, I have been loving....

1. Brooklyn Nine Nine. I am heartbroken that I have caught up with seasons 1 and 2 in only a month. I love the cast, the whole premise and the format of cutaway flashbacks. It's really great and I want EVERYONE to watch it. (Also, Gina is my fave)


2. The fact Easter is approaching.

3. Revisiting Craig David. His 2007 album 'Trust Me' really was great. Especially 'Officially Yours' which has been on repeat for the last couple of weeks.

4. This quote from The Lord of the Rings


5. The fact I'm ploughing through Parks and Recreation. Finally onto season 6. I'm getting closer to the end.

6. Bringing together ideas for my dissertation. Slowly getting there...

7. Game of Thrones is approaching...

8. This picture of Ariana Grande (this girl always makes my lists)

9a. Angel and Big Sean being cute. ADORABLE.


10. Mamrie Hart accidentally cutting Hannah Hart's hair. HILARIOUS.

11. Nice, spring weather.

12. Counting down the days until the summer arrives so I can watch Twin Peaks in it's entirety. I've been exposed and I need to see it!


13. This quote:
“If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can you.” - Noor Shirazie.

14. Reading Jean Rhys in English class and LOVING the woman. I will one day read Wide Sargasso Sea (obviously after university reading).

15. Chris Pratt and Chris Evans being adorable bestest buds in the world! Also being real human beings and a real hero


A bit longer than usual, but this is what two months of loving has created!

What have you been loving recently?
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Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy things

My aim of this year is to blog more and in the last few years, the only time I seem to blog seems to be when I write lists. So I guess that's a sign.

Things that have made me happy recently

1. Feeling positive about my new attitude for 2015.

2. Being thankful the Christmas break is over because The Mindy Project is back in my life.

3. This picture of Ariana Grande.


4. Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman changing my life


5. This quote:

But love is none of these things. It won’t suddenly make every day ok. It won’t change who you are. It won’t make your car go faster. It doesn’t even wash your dishes. All love is, is love. And that’s all it needs to be, really. 

- Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You

6. Laughing uncontrollably at the cutest, funniest boy on Youtube, Noah Ritter. He is just so CUTE.

7. My best getting me Models Own Hypergel top coat for Christmas. My nails are so shiny and my polish lasts much longer.

8. Rosamund Pike's Oscar nomination. GO GIRL!
9. Actually sticking to plans and having chill out time after lots of uni work; either blu rays, TV shows or playing Lego Hobbit with my love.

10. Rediscovering Shayne Ward, especially If That's Ok With You. (Blogger won't let me upload the music video.)

11. Minimal hair and makeup, all ready for SS15.

12. This dog going to Disneyland. HE LOOKS SO HAPPY!


Anyone else got any exciting plans for their new year? Let me know!
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Monday, 5 January 2015

2014: The year I fell back in love with film, life and everything else with it.

2014 was not a good year in many aspects. The biggest hit of the year was losing a beloved family member. Other, less important parts were being away from home for the most part of the year at university, barely going to the cinema as a result and blogging only a few times in the year. I also had a bad year with money.

Yet there were many great things, as you can imagine; I interned again at a fabulous company during the summer for two weeks, I received good results in my first complete year at university, fell in love and saw Gone Girl (yes that last point is one of the top highlights of the year).
Everyone knows I love film. The last few years have of course been good film years, but 2014 relight my feelings that made me decide that film was my passion all those years ago and they were in the form of Gone Girl and Guardians of the Galaxy. Two very different films, yet I love them both.

I was always doomed to adore the adaptation of Gone Girl after reading the novel by Gillian Flynn in less than a week and letting the plot affect my day-to-day life with my family and friends. I was on edge, constantly. I questioned everyone's motives. I even began questioning my own motives. I had not read anything this clever, funny and outright scary, ever. It's easy to read, nothing you need to be particularly clever about to understand it, yet it's how your own mind work in how you appreciate characters and the plot.

David Fincher is a very clever man and got the book. He, and the rest of the team, understood that there is no real 'good' character in Gone Girl. They understood that, in a way, it's a satire on media and misogyny, that Nick Dunne's life is always being altered by the women in his life. The casting too is wonderful. I stand by my point that Ben Affleck is Nick Dunne. He's not likable, but you kind of admire his cockiness, his smugness. Rosamund Pike transformed, almost magically, to the wonderful (I believe she is), insane and intriguing character of Amy Elliot Dunne. I would even go so far as to say I admire the character. I admire her brains, her opinions and think she is one of the best fictional character's of 21st Century.

Guardians of the Galaxy on the other hand couldn't be more different if it tried to! Another film I knew I would love just from the set up: Marvel, in space, Chris Pratt, an awesome soundtrack and funny one liners. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. I cried, laughed and watched it far too many times in the cinema. I also danced too much to the soundtrack too, which I don't do often. It was the highlight of my summer and every time I've seen it since I've still had fun. I don't do that with films often.

I also fell in love this year with many things. I fell in love with a person, who makes my whole world happier in that soppy-sickly-kinda way. I fell in love with literature, mostly stuff I had to read for lesson as well as Gone Girl and Giovanna's Fletcher's latest. Music in the form of my two favourite ladies Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Also television; Parks and Rec has shoved almost everything out of my top 5 TV shows, after I don't know how many series I finally watched The Apprentice and don't think I'm ever not going to watch it, my leading lady of my life is Mindy Kaling and The Mindy Project, and Game of Thrones was again, the best thing on telly in the whole year.

I've always been a romantic with life (just look at how many times I've used the word 'love' so far) and use to be afraid to show this side of me. But in 2014 I learnt that there is no point in hiding a part of you, or not showing your full personality with everything. I want to take this mindset into 2015 with me; I want to love everything I want to love and not be afraid to show it. I want to talk about things that make me happy. I want to share the things that make me happy. I want to continue to be positive about everything (even though it is sometimes hard with the university work to do). I want to worry less about money, about what everyone else is doing and about how everyone else is treated by others and just worry about how I treat others. I want to love life even more than I have done in 2014.

So here are my aims:
  • Stop spending. I want to save up for better things, days out in the summer. Actually do FUN things instead of not having money because I brought another pair of leggins, or another takeaway. (I'm actually going on holiday in June and don't yet have the money for it...time to save!)
  • Be more active. Walk more, run more.
  • Be more conscious of what I eat, but still love food. I don't want to diet per say, but I want to be kind to my body. Feed it more nutrition.
  • Drive to Birmingham. I haven't done it yet and the more I put it off, the more scared I'll be.
  • Worry less about what others have. I have everything I want.
  • Focus more on uni work, I know I'll regret my final grade if I don't put in the effort I know I can do.
  • See more films. Not just in cinema, but at home. Date nights watching films in bed. Bliss.
  • Be kinder to my skin. Only wear makeup if you really feel you need it and use those wonderful skin products you always save, they'll expire soon and you can buy those instead of the same makeup again and again.
  • and to live by these words:
'Live with the passion of Leslie Knope, the enthusiasm of Chris Traeger, and the bloodlust of April Ludgate ' source

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