Monday, 19 January 2015

Happy things

My aim of this year is to blog more and in the last few years, the only time I seem to blog seems to be when I write lists. So I guess that's a sign.

Things that have made me happy recently

1. Feeling positive about my new attitude for 2015.

2. Being thankful the Christmas break is over because The Mindy Project is back in my life.

3. This picture of Ariana Grande.


4. Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman changing my life


5. This quote:

But love is none of these things. It won’t suddenly make every day ok. It won’t change who you are. It won’t make your car go faster. It doesn’t even wash your dishes. All love is, is love. And that’s all it needs to be, really. 

- Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You

6. Laughing uncontrollably at the cutest, funniest boy on Youtube, Noah Ritter. He is just so CUTE.

7. My best getting me Models Own Hypergel top coat for Christmas. My nails are so shiny and my polish lasts much longer.

8. Rosamund Pike's Oscar nomination. GO GIRL!
9. Actually sticking to plans and having chill out time after lots of uni work; either blu rays, TV shows or playing Lego Hobbit with my love.

10. Rediscovering Shayne Ward, especially If That's Ok With You. (Blogger won't let me upload the music video.)

11. Minimal hair and makeup, all ready for SS15.

12. This dog going to Disneyland. HE LOOKS SO HAPPY!


Anyone else got any exciting plans for their new year? Let me know!
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