Monday, 15 August 2011

30 Minutes Or Less (2011)

As I saw the film two days ago it's going to be hard to remember all but I'm going to try as I really want to write up a review of it.

Running Time: 83 mins
Directed By: Ruben Fleischer
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, Nick Swardson, Fred Ward, Dilshad Vadsaria
Screenplay: Michael Diliberti
UK Release Date: UK 16th September

Quick Plot: When two lazy racketeer's realise they need money and fast, they hatch a plan of kidnapping a pizza boy, strapping a bomb on him and forcing him to a rob a bank in order of keeping his life. Seems pretty simple right?

Review: One of the greatest things about 30 Minutes Or Less is that it's very silly but not long and over powered like a lot of films are. It's only 83 minutes long and it's so enjoyable it flies past!
As much as people say Jesse Eisenberg plays too many similar characters- the awkward, nerdy teen- he's pretty good at it! His role in The Social Network earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor and he carried out the role of the cold hearted Mark Zuckerberg very well. Though back to this film, his character Nick, even though again socially awkward in parts, seems a lot different to his usual stereotypical roles. His character develops throughout the film and even if it is extremely wrong, being strapped to a bomb taught the guy a lesson. At the beginning Nick is a lazy pizza boy who doesn't even attempt to try and deliver on time and he takes his friendship with Chet for granted. But throughout the film he learns a lot and becomes selfless. It's easy to see that Fleischer and Eisenberg have a bond that works well enough so that Eisenberg can stretch his acting techniques well in this film like his others but also create a little something different in Eisenberg's character. As for Aziz Ansari as Chet, it's pretty much the same, he's a very funny character throughout who steals a lot more gags than Eisenberg does. Ansari has done a lot of comedy work, having small roles in films like Get Him To The Greek, Funny People and having a role in the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation. I hope the film will be a big hit for him and I hope people start to acknowledge how much of a great comedic actor he is.
After having an exclusive look at one of the funniest scenes from 30 Minutes Or Less in the morning at the Empire Big Screen, I was sure Chet was going to be the funniest character but in my opinion Danny McBride was maybe funnier. As the lazy, insensitive Dwayne, McBride is absolutely hilarious moreover the juvenile and stupidity of his character was neatly written for the comedic value. Travis played by Nick Swardson as Dawyne's side kick and trustworthy companion, was too extremely funny but McBride and Ansari's characters were, personally anyway, the funniest and half of the comedy source.
The other half of the comedy was simply the silly plot which I've researched and found out is based on a true story! It's so stupidly silly, like Ruben Fleischer's previous film, Zombieland which also starred Eisenberg. It's silly yet witty and playful forcing you laugh at the frivolous jokes. And that's only some of the film, it's also has a lot of humorous action with guns, fire blasters, lots of money and fast cars! It's not exactly amazingly written but some of the jokes run along with the plot quite well even if some a little too crude than they needed to be. Watch out of a Facebook gag which put the audience in hysterics. The film gets underway very quickly after a quick insight into the main characters lives and like I've said, it's not a very long feature film at all in comparison to a lot of stuff we see today, so it's nice to have a good comedy film which doesn't drag anything out and gets straight to the point. It's extremely entertaining and quick humoured and after you'll find yourself having had a nice laugh at a quick, funny, innocent (probably not the best word) comedy action.

A nice quick review for a nice quick film. It's funny, smart and I enjoyed watching it. I hope it does wonders in the box office but am sure a lot of people will enjoy it. Can't really ask for much more! 4/5

30 Minutes Or Less first trailer
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  1. This is no comedy classic, but it delivers plenty of laughs, thanks to a witty script and no less than five very hilarious performances, especially Ansari who totally owns every scene he's in. Good Review! Check out my site whenever you can!

  2. Thanks very much for the comment and the compliement!
    Yes I definitely agree it's no classic but it's funny and an enjoyable comedy.
    Just checked out your 30 Minutes Or Less review and commented :D Will check the others out too :D


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