Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

Running Time: 97 mins
Directed By: Ben Palmer
Starring: Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Laura Haddock, Emily Head
Screenplay: Iain Morris, Damon Beesley
UK Release Date: UK- 17th August

Quick Plot: The boys of the award winning UK sitcom The Inbetweeners are finally 18 and out of school! So what better way for them to celebrate than go on a lads holiday?

Review: Turning a successful TV show into a film can be a challenge but it can work depending. The whole reason The Inbetweeners has managed to pull out a film is because the TV show is such a huge hit and has an incredible fan base. Mostly because of the fact the characters are so relatable and believable. On a personal note I enjoyed the show a lot, I watched the first series after it was aired and from then on I watched them all when they aired but I know for a fact there are even bigger fans out there. It's kind of mental the impact it's had on people. I recall, for the last series anyway, how the day after the latest episode was aired, school was spent quoting lines to each other and everyone discussing the funniest moments-which was pretty much the whole episode. If you hadn't seen the episode yet you were pretty much out of the day's conversations until you had, the fan base is that incredible!
The film for me is a lot more funnier than the show, completely exhilarating and a huge accomplishment for Film 4 (as we can see by the opening weekends takings). At no point does The Inbetweeners Movie try to differentiate from the show which I think is why it's worked so well. The first part of the film is narrated by one of the main lads, Will, which gives the feel of the TV show and as the film continues it keeps giving off the vibe the TV show had which is a nice feeling. The story is what you expect from the 4 lads jetting off on a holiday, yet the jokes are even better than the TV show. As the films got a 15 rating compared to the shows 18, the jokes have had to come down a bit but I think because it's a film, the length of the normal show is obviously almost quadrupled, the jokes are more consistent and last longer. As predictable as most of the story is- which is what you expect- the film never fails to deliver a swift joke either ill or stupidly humoured. I wouldn't quite go as far as saying The Inbetweeners has the best cinematography this Summer, but it certainly brings in the same shots from the TV series but uses the fact they are shooting a 97 minute long film to their advantage, by capturing different shots, including a slow motion drinking binge.
Not only is it the fact that the film sticks to idea of the TV show it's also the acting that make this film greater than you'd first think. Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison are absolute wondrous actors. These roles are pretty much all they have so far for them, acting wise, and they without a doubt they have the roles mastered. Their chemistry is sweet and completes the film.
The screen I saw it in, even though the film has been out for a nearly a week, was still heaving and almost full, the atmosphere was divine as you were surrounded by laughter. The Inbetweeners had me in fits and I left the screen with the feeling I hoped for from The Hangover 2. The Hangover Part II wasn't a bad film it was funny but with the hype the film's release got, was a disappointment whereas the Inbetweeners Movie has completely overrun the amount of excitement it got if you can believe it!

Quite simply the UK's equivalent to Superbad. Dirty, funny and above anything else believable (and probably historical accurate to some peoples lives.)


I'm just hoping for the Arrested Development Movie next year!
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