Saturday, 6 August 2011

July Poll

Out of the following 10, who is your MOST favourite Superhero ? (Based on either films, comics, TV shows or just what one you prefer)

  4 (5%)
  27 (37%)
Green Lantern
  1 (1%)
  0 (0%)
Wonder Woman
  2 (2%)
  3 (4%)
Iron Man
  8 (11%)
The Hulk
  3 (4%)
Captain America
  0 (0%)
  24 (33%)

72 votes my goodness! That's so much more than I expected! Thank you if you voted.
No surprise really with the results, Batman is loved even though he may not be 'super' but more of a vigilante.
Spider-man in second which is no shock either because he's probably the most famous Marvel superhero. Funnily enough 2012 is bringing us the third installment of the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan and a reboot of Spider-man.
Iron Man is third which is awesome but Superman being only 4th is a slight shock.
Captain America and Flash have no votes which isn't odd apart from the fact I liked Captain America last week.
Not much of an analysis but there we go.

Thanks again to everyone who voted!
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