Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rio (2011)

Running Time: 95 mins
Directed By:
Carlos Saldanha
Starring: (voice) Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Jamie Foxx, Will.I.Am
Screenplay: Don Rhymer
UK Release Date: 8th April 2011

Quick Plot: Blu leads a comfortable life in Minnesota with his owner, but when his owner finds out he is the last male blue macaw in the world and the only known female is Jewel who lives all the way in Rio De Janeiro, they travel there in the hope they will mate. But, after they both get stolen and chained together, Blu has to learn the ways of a bird to survive Rio..

Review: Can I just say how much I love animation right now? I've always liked family/animation films, ever since I was a kid (obviously) but my fondness of them has never gone away. For the past few years Dreamworks and Blue Sky animation have created brilliant animation features. Monsters vs. Aliens, Megamind, How To Train Your Dragon and then the Ice Age trilogy and Horton Hears A Who, all wonderful family animations and Rio is exactly that!
I wasn't all that fussed about Rio to begin with, even with the slightly humorous Orange Ad that's been played for all of 2011 so far, I thought it looked alright. But my inner child got hold of me when I watched this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The music was one part I loved, Will.I.Am and Jamie Foxx were fantastic together, especially the song 'Hot wings' which I will link at the bottom like I did with yesterday's review.
Rio has a very impressive storyline and the characters are all so special. Jesse Eisenberg fits the character of Blu so well and Anne Hathaway was so enjoyable as Jewel. Even the human characters were great, Leslie Mann as Linda worked prominently. The human storyline, though it obviously run along the birds one, was very cute and just as enjoyable.
Rio is definitely a 'stunning film', even though it is of course animation, the city of Rio de Janeiro is gorgeous! In the plot, there is a Carnival taking place on one of the evenings so the City was covered in even more colours, music and beautiful costumes.
Because I wrote a review yesterday I'm not in the mood to think of something to write again because it hurts my head too much because I'm not clever, so I'm going to sum up the film right about..now.
Rio is one of the funnest family animations of the last decade with brilliant music, lovely storyline, noteworthy voices and stunning visuals. If you don't watch it at the cinema, make sure you buy or rent on DVD because you will not be let down. Yeah it's predictable, but all children's films have to be. Today when watching Rio, I heard lots of delightful laughs from many children, so I think it's a great choice for young ones.

Rio trailer and 'Hot Wings' - Will.I.Am ft. Jamie Foxx

I didn't make it I swear..Jesse did.

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  1. aww...I hoped you liked it..I think personally this might be the best movie of this year so far..but let's not go too far CBMs are coming soon...specially Thor and Captain America..but it was very enjoyable and beautiful..haha jewnicorn! As always thanks for your posts! Great Review

  2. It was very cute and such a lovely film..loved the music.
    What's CBMs? Or am I being really dim?
    Thank you for reading!
    Ha I thought I'd add that at the end, glad someone liked it :')

  3. oh CBMs are Comic book movies...its just shorter...but I didn't understand how are you dim? Its not a phrase Ive ever heard but that's probably because I dont talk in English at all times..haha..glad you liked the movie

  4. By dim I just meant am I being a bit silly not knowing what CBMs meant..as in, is it obvious what it is so therefore I'm being stupid basically.
    But aah, CBMs, I like that, I've never heard it before

  5. hahaha ok no your not being dim...yeah its just short for it..im very lazy to say it all...nah I just got it from a site..I also like CBMs and now Im waiting for your review of Thor! hahaha altough its pretty predictable that ur going to say its great!

  6. Empire gave it a fantastic review here: http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/review.asp?FID=134400
    So I really do hope it's good. (Again, Natalie Portman is in it! :DDDD)


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