Thursday, 21 April 2011

Your Highness (2011)

Running Time: 102 mins
Directed By:
David Gordon Green
Starring: James Franco, Natalie Portman, Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux
Screenplay: Danny McBride, Ben Best
UK Release Date: 8th April 2011

Quick Plot: Unlike his brother Prince Fabious, Thadeous is not a hero and plays his Prince role for his benefit. But after Fabious's bride to be gets taken away by evil wizard Leezar, Thadeous joins his brother on a magical and epic quest to save her, meeting warrior princess Isabel along the way who helps the brothers.

Review: James icandoprettymucheverything Franco and Natalie Portman have had a pretty good past few years I'd say. Both nominated for Best Actor and Actress at this years Oscars for their lead roles in 127 Hours and Black Swan, Natalie falling in love and becoming pregnant with her first child and James probably discovering the cure for the common cold. I joke on the last bit, but he has done some pretty impressive stuff that will take too long to type it all out. I've taken a shine to James Franco and from my previous reviews of Black Swan and No Strings Attached I have made clear my admiration of Natalie Portman, so it was obvious I needed to see Your Highness.
'From the director of Pineapple Express' additionally got me engrossed because I thought a lot of nice things about Pineapple Express, which starred both Franco and McBride. Since I was a young I enjoyed the odd mediveal and mythical film and Your Highness fits with that genre in the long run, so I enjoyed that factor very much throughout the film. The comedy side is exactly like Pineapple Express's humour, vile sex jokes, sexism against women and weed but still very funny. Personally though, I would say this film isn't for a 'lady' because I wouldn't be surprised at all if some women take offense to some of the jokes. Agreeing with Empire's review: 'only for people who enjoy this type of comedy'. If you have no idea what kind of comedy this is, please proceed to the bottom to watch the trialer, you will understand. For example, the evil wizard is planning on taking the bride's virginity so he plans it with his mother's which is creepy on many levels but I found it laughable but I'm unsure if everyone would agree.
However, Your Highness isn't a brilliant or amazing film, I'd say it's watchable but not an iconic comedy film. The cast play their roles greatly and the screenplay is hilarious, probably because Danny McBride created some of it with one of his best pals Ben Best. Natalie Portman was honourable, James Franco commendable but Danny McBride would have to have been my favourite throughout the film and with the humour they complimented each other greatly.
Because of my admiration of Natalie Portman and fondess of James Franco, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't watch this again but it certainly isn't a priority. Equally as you can see I've rated this film 3/5 stars, so it isn't a terrible or let down of a film. The comedy/fantasty works very well and if you are a fan of Pineapple Express, Superbad, Knocked Up and other Judd Apatow films, I think you'd find this film very impressive indeed.

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  1. hi,hey sorry I hadn't commented but I was out of town..u know no internet...anyway...well u just said it, its not my kind of comedy cause I didnt like any of Appatow's movies..maybe just Superbad a little bit but because of Cera...but since u are saying its good I'll watch it! Thanks for your posts as always Great review!

  2. I've got to be honest, if Natalie Portman and James Franco didn't star in this film I probably wouldn't have liked it so keep that in mind if you do watch it.
    And don't worry about commenting! I really do appreciate commenting when you do, but you don't have to feel like you have to comment on all of them honestly :D

  3. oh noo...I do feel that this movie is probably not for me...oh and I saw Friends with Benefits,gotta say a litlle predictable but after the whole 1st part starts to be normal...nah I like commenting here u always do great reviews and u have to know about it...its good so u can keep doing more reviews! And u feel apreciated! Well anyway thanks for your posts!


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