Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My small Thor/Avenger ramble and fangirl post. (Contains a lot of spoilers)

Warning: Do not click Read More if you do not wish for Thor or any future Marvel films to be ruined for you. It contains spoilers for definite.

I was hoping to publish this last night but the widget would not work for me but now it does, here is everything I was feeling after watching Thor yesterday.

Sdfklsjfksjfsfssadf Thor was fantastic and everything I hoped it would be.

Here's my little checklist for you if you plan on watching Thor:

  • Stan Lee. Yes he's in nearly all of his films, but do look out for him, his cameo is over as soon as it starts.
  • A Tony Stark (Iron Man) reference.
  • A special certain Avenger who's name begins with a H and ends in an Awkeye. Ar what the heck just look for Jeremy Renner
  • There are more 'Easter Eggs' shall we call them, but I'm leaving that for some one else.
I was hyperventilating, just ask my cousin. The ending still doesn't make that much sense to me, but I'm sure in a few months all will become clear online or in a magazine, etc..

Another note, if anyone is reading this I'm guessing you're a big Marvel fan. If you do see Thor and we know each other quite well, please don't be afraid to talk to me because I need more people to talk to about this. Even though I sound extremely scary in this post, but I do mean it. I need more Marvel/Avengers fans to talk to :)

I hope no one is reading this becuase I now sound like a bigger nerd than usual.

All I can say is AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. Seriously cannot wait for it!

Here is a fanmade Avengers poster which is more than Awesome.

Ok that is now the end of this long review I promise.
Thank you ever so much if you have read all of this.
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  1. oh...well you didnt leave that much spoilers actually...I'll definitely tell you when I see it! Hey dont worry, I love how you love movies! And I can tell you u're not nerdy at all. Oh and mostly everyone new about Hawkeye's cameo so that's not a big spoiler...Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for the post Nadine - some of the other 'Easter egg' references to look out for:

    The Hulk (Bruce Banner) - When Selvig tells his story of his scientist friend who was being tracked by S.H.I.E.L.D alludes to Bruce Banner.

    Ant Man - Also when telling the story he says he has a friend who has had experience with these people - referring to Henry/ Hank Pym.

    Culver University - Jane Foster began her career doing particle research at Culver. She continues to do post-doctorate work there in the field of astrophysics. That is the same University at which Banner first becomes the Hulk and is featured in Incredible Hulk with Samuel Stern's (The Leader) lab located there. This is where Banner returns to be given the antidote. The University is also featured in Iron Man 2 on the digital screens with Fury.

    All of the items on plinths in the weapons vault in Asgard are related to the first Tales of Asgard stories. There is the Warlock's Eye, Thanos’ gauntlet, some swords (some could be eternal) and some other interesting artifacts. There was one sort of subchamber of the vault that didn’t have anything in it. So the question is What used to be in it?

    Dr Strange - There is some speculation that the Warlock's Eye is actually The Eye of Agamotto, the name commonly given to Dr Strange's amulet.

    Super Soldier Programme - references to super soldier programme (Captain America, Wolverine and Hulk (gamma studies)) comes from Agent Coulson.

    Agent Garret - a reference made about the former SHIELD agent, now cyborg, is spoken about who is prominent in Daredevil and Elektra

    Tesseract - the power source which Fury shows Selvig in the post-credit clip. This ties into Captain America, which Red Skull will possess.

  3. Thank you very much Luke, didn't spot any of these myself.
    Means a lot and thanks very much :D

  4. oh wow...I just new the one with Bruce Banner and Dr Strange but that's cool... Oh and Nadine I already saw the post credits clip GREAT!


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