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Green Lantern (2011)

Two reviews in two days? You lucky people.

Running Time: 113 mins
Directed By: Martin Campbell
Starring:  Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong
Screenplay: Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Michael Goldenberg, Michael Green
UK Release Date: 17th June

Quick Plot: Hal Jordan walks away from every great opportunity life throws at him whether it be big or small but he holds something special inside him. Something dying alien like protector sees, dying on earth his green lantern ring chooses Hal to take his place among the rest of the protectors of the universe being the first human green lantern, will Hal through it all away?

Review: I've read tons of Green Lantern reviews and knew this film wasn't going to be good but it's the type of film, like No Strings Attached, where I still want to watch because of the cast and or storyline. This time round it's the cast and if you know me you'll know Ryan Reynolds is a favourite. But as you know a pretty face doesn't make a film good.
When I first heard about Green Lantern I was only ever interested because of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively if I'm really honest. The only DC comic book film I've seen are the Batman's everything else in the DC world I am oblivious too because I prefer Marvel. I'm not going to start or take part in the debate of which is better because I don't care they're the same and if they please their fans then they're doing their job it's no contest. I didn't and probably still don't know much about Green Lantern at all. As the months have gone on, the cast were still the only reason I kept an eye on the film and when Empire and Total Film's reviews were published I wasn't at all surprised at their 2/5 rating. And I'm probably just duplicating their rating here but it's true. It's a mess of a film. That's harsh and now I feel guilty because I don't like being mean on films (I don't know why I make such awful reviews anyway) and I've always been one to take a film as it is but I just didn't like Green Lantern at all. And this is coming from a girl who will watch any film about a pretty male superhero.
Ryan Reynolds is the type of actor who in 20 years time women everywhere would still list him as an attractive looking guy. Not only is he gorgeous but I honestly think he's a great actor. His role in last year's Buried was absolutely fantastic, I loved his egoistic character in Adventureland and so on. Now here's a problem Mr Reynolds' has...he is Hal Jordan from Green Lantern and Deadpool (X-Men) similarly Chris Evans is the Human Torch and Captain America. Not to get too sidetracked, I thought Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was one of the best parts of the film and I hope that the Deadpool movie does happen and is good for Ryan Reynolds part. He's a perfect choice for a superhero it's just a shame that Green Lantern is all over the place. The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants is a guilty pleasure and favourite of mine, Blake Lively being one of my most cherished characters in the the films so I was quite excited to see what Lively could deliver as Hal Jordan's childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris. I can be a proud fan and say I think she played the role right although I do have to say I thought someone a little older would have been a better casting. In real life they have an age difference of 11 years which isn't a lot I know, but knowing them in other films it made me feel a little off when watching them embrace. Both look beautiful together and did a good job and sure they have chemistry but the age difference was a bit weird and I felt that a different casting would have maybe made the leading roles more realistic. I seem to have a sudden fondness of Peter Sarsgaard after my encounter with The Orphan two weeks ago and I think he was the best actor in Green Lantern. I understand how he got mutated slightly and why he turned evil but I don't really get it all nonetheless he had the best role. In all the Mark Strong films I've seen he's always the baddie and although Sinestro isn't evil he still has a hint of selfishness and power over Hal Jordan which was a good part of the film too. Overall acting wasn't too shabby, Sarsgaard was the better of them.
It's not even the effects I didn't like I think it's the storyline was too confusing- in a bad way. There was too many little story lines that weren't ever complete (maybe leading towards a sequel?) and I felt it was all a bit limp. I'm no expert on Green Lantern but is Hal Jordan meant to be kinda of unattractive or less good looking than Ryan Reynolds? When he says 'look at me' or something along the lines and looks down on himself as if to say he's nothing..was that intended? Did Hal Jordan have other motives because come on he's gorgeous! I also didn't like the whole eye changing thing Hal had going on. Again might be something in the comic but I like his eyes brown dammit! Did Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds use the same colour hair dye too? At the beginning their hair is dark brown but towards the end is was nearly black for both of them! Ok I'm being mean now, I won't say it's a disaster of a film or horrific but it's certainly not great and lacks almost everything. A good story, relatable characters and considering Hal Jordan wasn't in the frame for the whole film and the film has wider characters you'd think they'd more developed. Same for the Green Lantern planet, there is a big introduction to Green Lanterns and about the enemy but it's nothing that pulls the audience in..or maybe that was how I saw it.
Ryan Reynolds is beautiful as always and the rest of the cast are pretty and can act well. With the brilliant impact Thor and X-Men: First Class have had on the movie world it was only a matter of time until another comic book/superhero film didn't quite level up to it. If you're a fan of the comic I'm sure you'll enjoy but personally I didn't like it.
Don't ask why I'm apologising but I feel as if I should. Not for the film I apologise for not liking it very much.


Green Lantern official trailer -I liked the first trailer for this so this is what I'm posting.
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  1. hmmm nothing in that trailer attracted me to see the know I havent actually seen a good review on this one...and well not even comic fans liked it..what is weird is that I remember watching Justice League when little and I remember Green Lantern was not Hal Jordan but another guy...anyways good review, even if the movie is not so much


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