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127 Hours (2011)

Running Time: 94 Minutes
Directed By: Danny Boyle
Starring: James Franco, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara, Clémence Poésy
Screenplay: Danny Boyle, Simon Beaufoy (Based on the true story "Between A Rock And A Hard Place"- Aron Ralston
UK Release Date: 7th January 2011

James Franco on set of 127 Hours
Quick Plot: Aron Ralston finds his arm stuck between a rock and the Utah Canyonlands National Park after taking an adventure without telling anyone where he's going. With his arm crushed by a boulder, stuck down a 65 ft wall, little water supply and no food, Aron realises he will have to face death- unless he figures something out quick.

Well, this is slightly embarrassing. My first ever review and I've given it 5 stars! It looks like I'm one of them people who thinks every film is good and always rates them high (which I use to be until I watched more and more films growing up!).
  This is the first film I've seen at the cinema in 2011 and it is one I have waited for, for many months now so I already had many high expectations with this film especially because of Danny Boyle and James Franco. I got too excited but was positive the film would be good with great reviews circlating.

One of my favourite scenes of the film
  Empire and Total Film both gave 127 Hours 4 Stars which is brilliant because being big film reviewers, they have to be honest which they are. But the only reason  127 Hours got 5 Stars from me is because of the fantastic Soundtrack and Editing. The opening scenes are so fast and quick cut, the scenes were all bright and fast montages that went exactly with the soundtrack behind it was brilliant. It gets you right into the story and you learnt a lot about Aron Ralston I thought in the opening scenes. The story takes you into the plot straight away and before you know it, you're holding your hand over your mouth because a massive boulder has landed on James Franco's right arm.

There's been tons of reports of people having to be taken out of the screen or even fainted while watching because of the 'scene' that I don't think I'll go into detail of. Though it's well known what happens, I don't want to ruin it for anyone when I say, there was a part of me that was covering my eyes at only one point, but I think I was actually meant to cover my ears instead. I was quite happy that I wasn't at all put off by the horror of Aron's decision and if anything, thought the sound and editing on that scene was particularly fascinating. 
Director Danny Boyle on the set of 127 Hours
Obviously with the success of Slumdog Millionaire everyone knew Danny Boyle's next film was going to be a masterpiece which is no doubt is. But let's not give Mr Boyle all the credit here, James Franco connected so well to the character of Aron Ralston, maybe because Franco and the real Aron Ralston created a bond over filming, but nonetheless, Franco's performance is definitely Oscar Worthy and seeing as I've only seen two of the films in the Best Actor category, James has got it for me with his dedication to the role.(Sorry Jesse Eisenberg.) The parts of the film in particular I found the best by Franco were the scenes of him starting to loose 'it', realising the state he's in and looking back on his life. Not many people have been in that situation I don't think, so for James Franco to make you actually feel for him, feel that he's genuinely on the brink of death to me was one of the best parts of the film. Another point I should make before I forget are the beautiful scenes of the landscape. On more than one account there are lots of long shots of the Utah Canyonlands National Park and the view is simply stunning.

Right that's enough of my rambling, this is ever so boring and rubbish, but if you've read it- thanks very much!
I'll leave the first trailer below but a link to the second trailer because I don't want to give too much away.

127 Hours - Official Trailer HD
127 Hours - Trailer 2 HD

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  1. THANKS NADINE. Now I'm dying to watch this! Really good review! Now I NEED to watch it. Now.

  2. No problem!
    Hope you like it :D


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