Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A113 Animation

A while back, I discovered this cool website called which, as you may guess, is an animation site. It looks at animation, not just Disney and Pixar, but DreamWorks, Aardman, Blue Sky, Sony and much more. It's the very best for finding out the latest news, reviews, interviews and images.

The creator of the site, William, is a very passionate film and animation fan; the quality of the website shows real dedication and a love for the art. For weeks I have been going back to the site to find out latest news and read opinions from the authors. As a film and Disney fan myself, I think it's great.

I am proud to say I am A113 Animation's live-action Disney correspondent, basically meaning I get to post about Marvel, Star Wars and other live-action news. Brilliant, right?

With exams coming up, I might not be updating it religiously for a while, but I will be trying my best to bring the very best news to the site. Then, in the summer, I can officially make it my priority.

I'm very grateful A113 Animation chose me. I have already posted a few things already, so go and check it out!
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