Monday, 24 September 2012

Autumn ‘wish list’

I’ve started early.

There are 37 days until Halloween. 42 days until Bonfire night. 91 days until Christmas.

Usually, my countdown to my favourite season begins just after my birthday (early October), but for some reason, my excitement has hit early.

Sure I like summer- who doesn’t? Waking up feeling warm. Not having to carry an umbrella. Not wearing a coat to walk the dog. BBQs. Pool parties. Eating outside. The sun definitely makes me and others happy, there’s no doubt about it. But how does this sound?

Cosying up to the fire. Drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream. Crunching orange leaves under wellies. Wearing the trio (hats, scarf and gloves). Getting out of day-shoes to put on slippers. Seeing your breath when you walk out of the door. Christmas playlists. Holiday shaped biscuits. Lusssssh.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, because my excitement will end up dying. But because I’m in the autumn/winter mood, I decided I’ll post something very un-me in the form of a ‘Autumn wish list’.

Most wish list’s appear on beauty and fashion blogs and as I am not one, I don’t really have a professional mind in the products other than screaming (inside) ‘I WANT YOU’. Ideally, I’ll be buying some of these products in the next few months, but at the moment they are still ‘wishes’. I’m starting to go off the word wish as it seems spoilt, but until I think of a new one it will have to do.

Enough rambling.
1. I’ve always wanted a trench coat and obviously this iconic film scene has a little bit to do with it. The last few days I’ve been searching for one that is a) Affordable (for me) and B) Looks good. After searching the main fashion sites I know, I found that Matalan do one for £30. Win.

2. A few years ago I had a really cute, regular pair of black ear muffs, until my dog ate them. For the last two years I keep meaning to buy a new pair but forget, so this year I will. The pair from the picture are from Next.

3. Since I saw two beauty vloggers rave about the Rimmel Lip Butters, I wanted to try one out. I’m torn between the colour Tutti Frutti or Peach Parfait, but I think I need to see these in a store.
4. Last year, when my sister told me she was wearing a ‘snood’, I laughed. Snood. It’s a funny word. One of my scarf’s has pockets and a hat, and another is a football one I wear everywhere so I think it’s time I get a snood. They look more practical to wear with coats and just as comfy. The one from the picture is from New Look.

5. Ahhh, my latest dream. I love wearing my wellies. Splashing in mud, jumping in puddles, falling in snow. When it gets snowy, or chucks down with rain, wellies are perfect. Now that I’m grown up (kinda), I think Hunter Wellington’s are my calling. Still undecided on colour, but it’s definitely between pink, red, dark blue or simple black. These will be my big save up.

6. The best thing about a season change is the nail polish colours. There aren’t specific rules to follow when painting your nails a colour, but for people like me, there are more suited colours to seasons. (For example I wouldn’t wear mint green in December and neither would I wear dark blue in the summer.) I keep hearing about how great Models Own nail polishes are. They come in gorgeous colours and are, apparently, easy to apply, thick and glossy. The company is holding a 50% sale if they reach 100,000 likes by the end of September, so I’m hoping they reach it  for some new Autum/Winter colours. Ibiza Mix isn’t the type of polish I’d usually wear, but I love glitter in winter. Soda Pop Pink and Purple Grey look like very chic but elegant colours, something I always adore. I don’t have any navy or dark purple polishes, so In The Navy and Purple Rain are also on my list! (Please like the page so us fans can have a sale!)

Away from clothing and make-up, I was looking through the Internet and my mind to see other things I hope for this Autumn.

7. My excitement has reached its highest for the film adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. If you haven’t read the book, I seriously recommend that you do. It’s on my list of favourites and I could give you fifty reasons why it is, but I won’t waste your time. Watch the trailer and see if it takes your fancy. If you’re a fan of coming-of-age indie flicks, then this one is for you).

8. Although ‘Red’ hasn’t been released yet, I know it’s one of my favourite albums. Taylor Swift’s first single for the album is pulling up to the stage where I’m sick of it for playing it too much, which can only mean I’m in need for the new album! I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t the biggest fan of Taylor’s first album, the second one I liked and the third one I adored. If you haven’t heard the single, check out the (really cool) music video here. It’s a bit more pop-y than her country stuff, but hey I’m still a teenage girl- I’m meant to love it!

9. In hope of buying the gorgeous trench coat, snood and possible others from 1-5, my look can only be complete with an umbrella! A birdcage one with a hook handle is all I’m looking for. I’ll have to do some searching.

10. To top off my *wish list, I will be buying one of my new favourite Christmas films. I saw Arthur Christmas last year with my cousins and we all adored it. Very funny, very cute and everything a family Christmas flick should be. Once it hits December, this one is going on repeat.

*I’m tired of using the word ‘wish’ already. It sounds a little spoilt because these are materialistic wishes.

What are your favourite things about Autumn/Winter? Do you prefer this season to others or are you more gutted that Summer is over? Have you got a wish list? Let me know!

As for my countdown to the big dates of this end of the year, I haven’t got to the stage where I’m telling people every day. There are still a few days of September left and then the whole of October before my countdown officially begins. Until then, I’ll be sure to enjoy the start of my favourite season!

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