Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dalmatian cuddles

On Sunday, I was invited to the very glamorous Soho Hotel in London to watch a screening of Disney’s 17th classic 101 Dalmatians, provided with refreshments and a chance to cuddle real life dalmatian pups!

I say ‘real life’ because the only dalmatian puppies I’ve seen have been animated or in the Glenn Close 1996 film, so I haven’t been in physical  contact with one ever. Before last Sunday, dalmatian puppies were a myth to me.

I’m a dog person in the dog-or-cat discussion, not because I don’t like cats but because I’ve grown up with dogs in the family. My house has our own little rascal of a Jack Russell and I know that, once I’m older, I’ll be getting a canine friend of my own. I adore them! So meeting these rare little beauties was a treat.

The three puppies I saw were from a litter of 11 (woah!), two girls and a boy named Limpy, Millie and Joe. For 10 weeks old, they were really calm and didn’t mind being the centre of attention for two one hour sessions, they definitely loved all the cuddles.

They all looked like they were from the 1996 film, even Joe had a black patch over his right eye and a red collar like Patch from the animated film. Little Limpy had a pink, diamanté collar and all three were constantly wagging their tails (apart from when they were taking a power nap.)

After lots of pictures, cuddles, dog kisses and aww-ing, I had to bid farewell to my new friends in order to see one of my favourite Disney films on the big screen!

Being the classic Disney charmer, 101 Dalmatians still delights again and again. From the wicked Cruella de Vil to the always cheeky Lucky, the film is full of such charismatic characters that feel quite homey to return to. Even if you haven’t seen the film, the sweet journey of the loveable Pongo and Perdita to rescue their pups is one that definitely needs to be seen.

Despite much begging and pleading to have our own little spotted companion to be friends with my Jack Russell, I am unsuccessful in winning over the parents. However, 101 Dalmatians has been restored to even higher definition than before on Blu-Ray and can instead become a new member to my DVD family.

This post was just a way of sharing my experience and posting some pictures of my cuddles with the pups!
(The DVD is out now)

*this is not a sponsored post.
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