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The Lion King 3D (2011)

Running Time: 89 mins
Directed By: Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers
Starring: Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella
Screenplay: Irene Mecchi, Linda Woolverton, Jonathan Roberts
UK Release Date: UK - 7th October

Plot: When Simba is born, his Uncle Scar is put second in line to be King. With the help of his silly hyena followers, Scar plots to kill King Mufasa and his son in order to be King.

Review: It's been 17 years since we were blessed with the release of The Lion King and since then it's become one of the most successful and famous Disney animation films. Though I wasn't around to witness the film at the cinema for the first time, I grew up watching my VHS copy nearly everyday and later on brought it on DVD. It may seem that I'm being biased for the benefit of this review, but The Lion King is in fact my top favourite film if you look at the list I complied a while ago, but the film is one of the greatest animation films ever made in the mind of so many people across the world it was no surprise the film was going to have a 3D release.
I do admit at first it was hard to imagine The Lion King in 3D because of the fact the animation is formally in 2D with no real curve on the characters or scenery but the 3D is simply exquisite. The beautiful opening sequence of 'The Circle Of Life' in particular really enchanted me as it did with many people in the screening hearing lots of 'wows' and 'oohs'. What once was simple strands of grass or minor clouds of dust along the Savannah are now fully vibrant bases for the 3D. The new technology on the film adds a deeper character communication to the audience as they appear (as silly as it sounds for animation) more believable. Equally, Scar and the hyena's seem more villainous than before especially during the number 'Be Prepared' where the smoke adds evil to Scar's menacing character.
With the high definition surround sound, the film again gave off a greater power than it ever has done before. With scenes such as the stampede chase, 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King', 'Hakuna Matata' and more, The Lion King proves further more that Hans Zimmer is a genius with musical scores and deserved all the awards he won back in 1995. Additionally, the film is just as emotional as the first time you see it. I found myself with tears at one of the most tragic deaths in the history of cinema- for about the 20th time in my life. Though it felt as if I was watching the film for the first time. I noticed far more details (and that's coming from someone who has seen the film countless times) and I believe the majestic transformation forces you to greatly appreciate and acknowledge the divine craft that was the hand drawn animation of the 90s.
Though you have to remember the film was made in a time before the 3D of today existed so the directions of the characters on screen never really jump forward as you'd expect for a 3D film of today. But, the film  has been worked on to the greatest extent to ensure that the scenery surrounding the main points of the film are modernised to 3D in a way that will direct out at you.
Probably one of the best things about The Lion King being re-released in digital 3D is that newer generations will be aware of the film as it continues to shine and beckon hearts. When I had a quick peek around to some of the younger audiences faces I could only see their mouths in smiles (as the IMAX glasses were taking up most of their little faces!) which goes to show the effect it has on children. But not only children get the amusement from The Lion King, adults too. I never realised the funny extent of some of the dialogue in The Lion King till I saw it in 3D, hearing mostly older laughs from people at the hilarious stuff Timon and Pumba come out with. For me, the film has got more beautiful with the 3D conversion which I didn't think was at all possible.

The Lion King in 3D is nothing but a breath of magnificent fresh air or to put it more simply: an absolute masterpiece is reborn. With the groundbreaking technology of today, you will be sorry if you miss this on the big screen. If you know someone young who hasn't seen the film or even if you've seen it a dozen times before, make sure you see The Lion King in 3D as you've never quite seen it before.


The Lion King 3D official trailer

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  1. Beautifully written Nadine!
    Now i'm even more curious how Disney made the Lion King into a 3D spectacle. :-)
    I can totally see you making a career out of reviewing, you're doing a wonderful job!
    I actually was so lucky to see the Lion King in the cinema in 1994. I was eleven years old back then and it's magic never left. (You might have read the story on my facebook page already ;-) )I can't wait until it'll be in Dutch theaters, i never imagined ever seeing it on the big screen ever again. One thing I do know, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster ride for me so i'll make sure to bring A LOT of tissues. ;-)

    Best wishes,

    Claudia, a.k.a The Lion King collector.

  2. Thank you so much Claudia! Tha means a lot.
    I was born about 3 months later so couldn't see it sadly :( I didn't think I'd get a chance to see it on the big screen either. Best re release ever and the 3D really does make it more beautiful.
    Yes take your tissues! Sad and happy tears are shed!


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