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Jurassic Park (2011/1993)

Running Time: 126 mins
Directed By: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Samuel L. Jackson, Joseph Mazzello, Ariana Richards
Screenplay: Michael Crichton, David Koepp
UK Release Date: UK - 23rd September

Quick Plot: It's back, bigger and better than ever! Billionaire John Hammond creates his very own prehistoric theme park through the use of cloned dinosaurs but before the park can be opened to the public, it has to be tested. Scientists Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm and his very own grandchildren are the lucky ones who can go to the park. Sounds safe, right?

Review: For the unfortunate cinema-goer I am, I was born too late to witness some of the truly brilliant films in cinematic history. Thus I was, of course, a year late in being born to see Jurassic Park in all it's glory. But thankfully I grew up watching the film with a joint fascination with my cousin for dinosaurs. A few months back when I heard about Jurassic Park having a re-release (and NOT in 3D) I was overjoyed.
The thing about Jurassic Park is that at first glance, your first thought is 'what a fantastic fictional story' but based on the thorough plot line, the idea of 'Jurassic Park' seems plausible and exciting in real life. Still, today seeing the film in 2011 I heard gasps and 'wows' from the audience which was sensational. But the best of all was the delighted reactions from the really younger children who I seemed enjoyed it very much. To the people who were obviously not watching Jurassic Park for the first time I'm sure they would agree with me in saying that it was as if it was a totally new experience. Even though I knew how the film was going to end, I was on edge in hope that Dr. Malcolm wasn't eaten by the T Rex, little Tim and Lex weren't eaten by the monstrous velociraptors and that in the end that everyone would be ok. The kitchen scene was especially more tense on the big screen because everything around me was even more silent. Jurassic Park is a frightening film but in a way in which there is no need for excessive amounts of gore or other horror like features. It's in the timing that Spielberg has with his shots. In the kitchen scene, you're with the kids. The puff from the velocipraptors nose onto the window of the door overwhelms you - you're scared. The loud screeches they make - you're scared. It's a never ending cat and mouse chase in theory, but with dinosaurs.
Being restored in high definition has meant that Jurassic Park is even more glorious than it was before. Even though the CGI effects for 1993 was groundbreaking, now in high definition, you really do realise the beauty that Steven Spielberg created in the Jurassic Park. Not only in the Dino's them self but the whole landscape in detail. The trees, the rain, the mud, the water - everything. The phrase 'breath of fresh air' is what the opening and closing scenes of Jurassic Park on the cinema screen felt like.
The film hasn't exactlly got exceptional performances by any of the cast (though Jeff Goldblum does play the hilarious character of Dr. Ian Malcolm very well) but the absolutely iconic theme from the masterpiece musical score by John Williams, the beautiful CGI and SFX sounds and quite simple yet, totally enchanting storyline is enough for Jurassic Park to still count as one of the most brilliant films in history.

Jurassic Park is re born and it's truely incredible. It's a big, enjoyable adventure for nearly all of the family and if you're a big fan of the film you do not want to miss out on the re release.


Jurassic Park Theatrical Re-Release Trailer
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