Saturday, 21 June 2014

A little uni advice...

The last ten months have completely changed my life, and now I can say I've passed my first year of uni. It's been great, as you'd expect.

My little sis is off to uni in September and I thought I'd write her a little list to prepare her (not that she'll read it or listen to my 'advice')

Dearest lil sis,

I know you'll have the best time at university because you'll grab every opportunity that comes your way. But a little advice from your not so socially confident older sister...
  • You'll still find people in lectures or seminars that annoy you, that sadly doesn't change from school. However you'll also find people who make you laugh, happy and challenge you mentally. These are the people to make friends with.
  • Don't get into arguments with housemates who don't wash up. Don't leave notes, because it creates a tension that won't ever go away.
  • Any free food is good food. If your SU offers a free pizza night, you go to that free pizza night and make it a night out. 
  • Read the books before the seminar, but if you accidentally don't make enough time for one - sparknotes it.
  • As much as it might be a chore, try to clean your bathroom once a month, it can get pretty yucky without mum around.
  • If in doubt about what to eat...pasta is the way forward.
  • Be yourself. There is no point making friends with people who think you're something you're not.
  • Get someone to proof read your essays. You don't realise your own mistakes. (As a thank you for reading mine, I'll do yours)
  • Make a note of all your assignments early so you remember them. Don't do the mistake of an essay in a day. Some people can do it, but it won't reflect how intelligent and amazing you really are.
  • There is nothing wrong with going to a lecture at 9am, then having a nap between 11-2.
  • Do not blow your loan in the first month, it hits the cold months very quickly and you'll want comfort food.
  • Start Game of Thrones with your housemates. PLEASE!
  • Ring Mum once in a while. She will miss you. 
  • Please stay in a group when you go out, it's just a pain having to find each other and can make the night very boring.  
  • Take absolutely everything in. I can't believe how quickly my first year went and I only have two left, so it'll fly past for you too.

I know you'll have the best time, I don't have any worries. Just give me a ring every so often please, I can't wait to hear all of your stories!

Nadine xx

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