Sunday, 1 May 2011

(April Poll) Out of these well known film genres, what is your MOST favourite?

Action                                          (8%)
Animated                                     (2%)
Comedy                                      (30%)
Fantasy                                        (5%)
Horror                                         (13%)
Musical                                         (2%)
Romance/chick flick/rom com     (16%)
Sci- Fi                                           (8%)
Thriller                                        (11%)

I'm not going to analyse this too much because it's an obvious opinion from everyone that the majority of people always state that comedy is their favourite genre. People like to laugh- simple. I could go on about how the majority of that comedy isn't good comedy, but let's not state my opinion.
I took out the genres that got no votes at all and looking back on them results, everything looks fair.
Yeah this isn't a good analyse but I can't say anything else.

Not sure if they'll be a poll for this month, if there is it will be posted within the next few days so please check back!
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