Saturday, 7 May 2011

Recent film reviews 2

Another round up review of new films I've recently seen that I think are worthy enough of being mentioned.
Here is my last round up review 

The Switch (2010)
Don't judge me I adored this film. Jennifer Anniston wasn't annoying like she has been for the last few years and I adore Jason Bateman. Everything about The Switch was adorable.

The Accidental Tourist

Sweet touching drama

Serendipity (2001) 
Adorable and one of my favourite Romantic films. Predictable yes but cute cute cute

Tamara Drewe

Was worth the wait, one of the best British comedy dramas in a long time.

Burke and Hare

Great cast, lots of giggles but nothing too incredible

Date Night (2010)
Funny but irritating. Again lovable cast.

William & Kate (TV Movie)

It's bad enough that I've watched this, I kinda found it cute. I like the Prince and love Kate. Actors are annoying but gorgeous but it's just down right rubbish.

The Other Guys

Great one liners.

Single White Female

Creepy but good. Would never ever watch again but it's definitely one of the best Thrillers I've ever seen.

The Soloist (2009)
Lovely true story, Jamie Foxx is the best I've ever seen possibly but drags a bit.

Batman Forever (1995)
Not the worse but certainly not the best. I'm always going to love Batman though.
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