Saturday, 1 October 2011

Crazy, Stupid Love (2011)

Running Time: 118 mins
Directed By: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Starring:  Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Bacon
Screenplay: Dan Fogelman
UK Release Date: 23rd September - UK

Quick Plot: After the divorce of his wife of 25 years, forty something Cal doesn't believe he has a chance with women in today's love market. But when Jacob, the local womanizer, shows up, helps him get a make-over and teaches him to way to love Cal might be able to realise who his soul mate is.

Review: Since the very first trailer I saw, I knew Crazy Stupid Love was going to be something special. It didn't look like the typical rom com film and now, after seeing it, it's even more superior to the usual rom coms we get.
With most rom coms, you know you'll either love it or hate it within the first five minutes but with Crazy, Stupid Love, you don't realise how much you enjoyed it until it's finished. Though the first half runs well with the heartbreaking opening scenes for our main character Cal (Carell) and the updated transformation of him due to his new found friend Jacob (Gosling), the film doesn't get to it's prime until half way through. The first half is full of the laughs and Fogleman's ever so charming screenplay really enlightens you to adore the characters for all of their own reasons. Cal for his honesty and pitiful mistakes with his relationship, Jacob for being straight up and unaided (plus extremely hot) and Emily, even though you're meant to hate her for breaking Cal's heart, you can't help but like her. Then of course, Emma Stone's character who you love anyway because it's her, though her character Hannah is compassionate with the audience anyway. Even the younger cast, Analeigh Tipton and Jonah Bobo you like without even thinking. They're all the main factor in reeling you into the film, into their lives, into their way of thinking and after the first half the film really gets going. It's no surprise that Dan Fogelman has produced another cherishing story with his previous work being Tangled, Cars 2, Bolt and so on, you can see he has an act of making absolutely everything in a film seem sweet.
After the half way mark, the romantic side of Crazy Stupid Love is sharpened and suddenly, everything about the film feels like an 80s, 90s love story. The passion between the characters is more obvious, with all of the talents of the cast, and there is the perfect amount of humour into the script that makes it a pleasure to watch. It's not drained in laughs about sex or gender, it's appropriate laughs that really makes the film glow. With more turns in the narrative occurring than I thought would, it's a charming, modern day film about the power of love without being too cheesy.
Half of the enjoyment you have when watching is because of Carell and Gosling's hilarious and significant chemistry. It's not as predictable as you first think from the trailer, their bond in the film is a lot more realistic and captivating for a bromance. And all too believable too if I must say so. Moore and Stone are just as great, both with their own different love stories but still played as perfect as ever. Stone and Gosling's chemistry is apparent too, being overly cute, sexy and exciting they are ideal (with the set pictures of Gangster Squad appearing it's even more obvious they have a strong connection). It's definitely a special sort of rom com and one that you could watch with anyone. It's realistic enough to connect to you in some way or another and for a bonus, Gosling is topless.

Without even trying to, Crazy, Stupid Love rises above all other rom coms of the past decade. It's sweet, funny, totally romantic in a half cliché half original way and it's a delight to see such a great cast working alongside each other. It's something to go out of your way to see.


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  1. why didn't you gave this movie 5 stars if you liked it so much?

  2. Thanks again for the comment Milton! Good question, even though I loved Crazy, Stupid, Love, I don't think it's at all epic or 5/5 material, but I did still enjoy it very much and thought it was a great rom com. Thanks :D


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