Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Raven (2012) a non-reviewy review

I saw The Raven last weekend and I'm still unsure if I liked it or not.
I'm sure it was definitely the better choice for a film than seeing John Carter I imagine, but I still feel a little...unsatisfied.

From James McTeigue, the director of V For Vendetta, The Raven certainly has the same feel to the 2005 adapted comic book thriller. The dark, ghastly atmosphere of 1800 Baltimore is quite daunting in places and though it would have been pleasant to have seen some of the surroundings and the scenery of the town, it's easily a believable setting.

Like most people, I adore John Cusack. Sad to say that I wouldn't class his act as Edgar Allan Poe in a list of his greats, but he adds something to the character that many wouldn't be able to. Out of them all, it's Luke Evans who comes out having gained something from The Raven. Though The Three Musketeers didn't do well critically, Luke Evans gained a name over in the US and continues to with The Raven. There's a charm and extreme likability to him that makes all of his performances entertaining, while always being quite adorable.

There is an obvious similarity between The Raven and Guy Ritchie's recent portrayal in the Sherlock Holmes films from the quite manic protagonist, dark crimes and Alice Eve's Emily to Rachel McAdams Irene Adler. Emily was too weak and the fact she holds the damsel in distress act for the majority of the film is really quite poor given that Alice Eve could do with a strong, femme fatale-esque role instead of always playing the pretty face. Though the femme fatale wouldn't quite work with her and Poe being completely in love, something stronger for Eve would have been ideal.

It's definitely an interesting look at the last few days of Edgar Allan Poe's life and from the small detail I found out from my cousin about Poe's last remaining words 'Fields and Reynolds', it makes for an interesting and much more exciting idea of what could have happened to Poe. Better than just thinking that Poe went mad and died I guess.

For Luke Evans and my adoration for Cusack films, I think I quite enjoyed The Raven.
If I were to make this into a more structured review, I'd give it 3/5.
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