Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Attractive books

If there is one thing I have an eye for, it’s nice looking book/DVD collections. I could own 2 out of 3 films from a certain series, yet I would much rather buy them again in a box set of the trilogy edition for no other reason than the fact I think it looks neater, more appealing and the collection are in a cute little cardboard box.

Away from DVDs, I’m not the biggest book collector. Apart from a few exceptions, I’ll borrow books from libraries or friend’s to read first and if I really, really liked it, I’ll buy it.

My latest little fascination comes in the form of cute, small, hard cover editions of classic and modern literature. I received the beautiful Collector’s Library editions of Little Women and Jane Eyre for my birthday last year, and have found them to be both practical and, as far as books can go, completely gorgeous.

I know the Amazon Kindle is the latest book tool (to which I see both the pros and cons), but for those who still like to have a psychical book on hand to read and are looking to read a beloved classic, I recommend these fancy books.

Their handy size make it easy to take anywhere and despite being hardback, they are extremely light to pop into a bag. Each book has a ribbon bookmark to help keep your place and their gold edged pages are soft for comfortable reading. Not only that, they are all sold at affordable prices.

The sleeve's cover features a painting that fits with the story, and are designed to match in your collection (for example all of Dickens’ books are red, the Brontë Sisters are blue), as well as being able to buy box-set’s of certain authors, so they’re a nice thing to collect or buy as gifts.

To visit the site and browse their  click here or to see what books they have on amazon click here.

If you need anything, be sure to contact them from their email on the site. When I had a query, the people in charge were ever so friendly and helpful to me.
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