Monday, 29 October 2012

Jack Skellington Halloween nails

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For a quick new post, I'd thought I'd update with a nail art design I had a go at. I'm not the best at painting my nails with designs, but since I stopped biting  my nails last year and they've been growing, I've been trying to do more prettier designs than just colour.

I watched this Jack Skellington Halloween Nail Tutorial by Cute Polish on Youtube and seeing as it's one of my favourite Halloween movies, I had a go myself. It's actually really simple; but as you can see, I don't have steady hands.

1. The black nails are going to be Jack's suit and the white is going to be Jack's face. After a base coat I used two coats of each colour for an opaque look.

2. Then with dotting tools and a small make-up brush (use a striper brushes if you have one, I only have one in a white polish so I didn't try it) I dotted two ovals for eyes (they don't have to be equal), two small dots for a nose and a curved line across the nail for the smile. Then I drew a few lines down the smile for stitches. It didn't turn out as neat as I'd hoped, but luckily it's not noticeable from afar.

3. Using a white striper (you could use a normal white nail polish brush for thicker lines) I drew a few white stripes across my black nails. At first I started with three but on some I could fit more on I did four.

4. Once all dry, I used a top coat to lock in everything.

I hope these don't chip before Halloween, because I'm pretty proud of the outcome.

Any of you got any cool nail art designs you're proud of, Halloween themed or not? Or better yet, costumes?
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