Friday, 30 November 2012

12 days of Blogmas!

Last year, a group of youtubers I'm subscribed to took part in 'Vlogmas', where they vlogged every day in December up to Christmas. I thought it was quite interesting because I love the build up to Christmas and seeing how everyone prepares for the season in their own way is really quite sweet.

I don't vlog, I blog so I thought this year I'd do my own little Blogmas. But without blogging everyday, as I don't think I have enough things to blog about, as well with the amount of college work I've got going on. Therefore Blogmas, for me, is going to be 3 blog posts a week in the run up to Christmas, all about Christmas related stuff.

I'll post Christmas recipes, my favourite Christmas things, diary type events to Christmas things I've done and other random bits I think of.

I'll be aiming to post a new blog every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday as well as 2 extra days of Saturday 1st and Christmas Eve to make it the 12 Days of Blogmas.

A few of my friends who blog are also taking part and I'm sure other people across the world have thought up the same idea of taking part in Blogmas, so why don't you join in too?
Just post your blog to facebook, twitter, tumblr or whatever and tag it Blogmas. And send me a link to your Blogmas, I'd love to read other peoples!

Check out my friends blogs who are taking part in Blogmas too (I'll add more if I see more people take part!):
Laura, Melissa, Rebecca, Amber, Andrew, and Alex.

Hope you all have a great December!

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  1. Yay! I'm thrilled to see more people participating in Blogmas. I look forward to following.

    Cheers! Mélina

    1. Thanks for the comment Mélina! I'm super excited too.
      Have you got a blog you're doing Blogmas on? If so, I'd love to check it out!

  2. I love Christmas and in this year i decided blog about it ! ;P So ya, Blogmas! Nice blog btw ;)
    xoxo! Ann

  3. I'm going Blogmas too, I'm so excited to see I'm not the only one. My blog is



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