Saturday, 1 December 2012

1: Ten things this December | 12 Days of Blogmas

It's the first day of Blogmas! Anyone feeling the Christmas excitement yet?

Over the last few weeks, I've been preparing for December in different ways by buying bits and bobs and making some things. Here are 10 random things in my life this December.

1. Christmas Jumpers
I brought my Christmas Jumper from New Look. It's a bit of splurge for a jumper you only wear one month a year, but Christmas is the best time of year and it's cheesy in the best way.

2. Snoods and Ear Muffs
I've got two warm, cosy and practical Snoods because I love them so much (and two people brought me one for my birthday). I think Ear Muffs are super cute and they keep your ears toasty. My snoods are from New Look and my ear muffs from Next.

3. Hot Chocolate Flask
Hot chocolate is the Christmas drink and on winter walks or on cold mornings when you want a quick warm up, so I've brought myself a small flask for these occasions. My flask is from Asda.

4. Countdown to Christmas app 
It's pretty self explanatory, but everyone loves counting down to Christmas. App here

5. Hugo, Arthur Christmas and Nativity on Blu Ray
Annoyingly, I haven't brought Arthur Christmas yet and someone has borrowed my Nativity, but I have Hugo on Blu Ray and that's all that matters. Hugo isn't a Christmas film, but it's Paris, snow and magic which goes perfectly with a hot chocolate.

6. The Gift - Cecelia Ahern
After I've finished the book I'm in the middle of (Life Of Pi), I'm moving onto this. I've never read one of those easy Christmas reads at Christmas time, and this year I'm determine to read Cecelia Ahern's one.

7. Advent Candle
Chocolate advents may be tasty, but I always love the advent candles my Mum buys (this one is from Dunelm). Just don't do what I did one year and forget you lit it- we had no numbers left and it was only the 13th!

8. Wonderland
This winter nails are all about glitter. Last month, my sister and I brought the Models Own Wonderland boxset for sparkly Christmas nails.
One of my future blogmas posts will be about nails for Christmas where I'll talk more about these.

9. Official Santa
I'm still a big kid, so I always go back to follow Santa from about November time. Whoever runs this account deserves a pat on the back, because it's great fun. Follow Santa
I didn't realise Santa followed me until I took this screenshot- eek!

10. My Christmas mix tapes

[No picture this time as we all know what a CD looks like.]

It's time for Christmas music! I've made my own mix tapes to listen to over the next few weeks when I'm dancing round the house and driving. They mostly consist of Michael Bublé and covers.

During Blogmas I'll be posting my Christmas playlist which will include my Christmas mix tapes, so  you'll see more then.

That's ten things for December from me!
What things have you brought or made for the run up to Christmas? Any sites, apps or places worth checking out? Leave me comments please, I'd love to hear!

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