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2: Winter nail trends | 12 Days of Blogmas

I’m not someone who wears heaps of make-up and I’d say my look was pretty simple, but when it comes to painting my nails I usually go all out to make them look very girly and pretty.

This winter I feel like there is a big nail trend with glitter and as I’ve purchased some great glitter nail polishes in the past few months, I’d thought I’d blog about them and share some of the designs I’ve been doing.(Apologies for the bad photos, I’m not someone who usually does these posts)

Glitter is such a big trend at the moment but finding a good glitter polish can be difficult. Sometimes you think you’ve found a good glitter but when it comes to painting your nails, the glitter to clear polish ratio is about 20:80. I’ve found some glitter polishes which not only have nearly 100% glitter coverage, but their colour payoff is incredible and they look SO festive.
Models Own Wonderland collection (x)

These nail polishes are my favourite Christmas polishes. Jack Frost, Snowflake, Southern Lights, Northern Lights and Blizzard.
My favourite of the 5 are definitely Southern Lights and Northern Lights. They’re completely glittery and work well as tips or over the whole nail. I’ve found that with a top coat, they’re pretty chip resistant for at least a week compared to other glitter nail polishes I’ve tried.  I've been receiving lots of nice comments when I've been wearing these in the past few weeks.

Jack Frost is similar to the two above, with a white undercoat and pink glitter sparkles; however it works best over colours such as white or black. Snowflakes and Blizzard too work best over colours as a top coat, with Snowflakes looking like tiny snowflakes and Blizzard being small round silver glitter.

Another great glitter is again one from Models Own. Ibiza Mix from the Hed Kandi collection. The glitter remind me of fireworks because of all the different colours. You have to make sure you get a lot of glitter with the brush, but once you have you can you can easily just use one or two coats. With enough glitter you could use this as two coats over nails, but I prefer it over colours.
(Excuse the awful picture)
Other polishes I think I’m going to go back to this winter are No.7 Rose Truffle, Barry M Gold Mine Glitter, Barry M Burgundy Croc, Models Own In The Navy and Models Own Purple Grey.

As for winter nail looks, I think there are some very simple and easy ways to make nails look different and arty without having to go get them done professionally or spending hours attempting nail art.

1. Glitter over colour. (Models Own Ibiza Mix over Avon Midnight)

2. Glitter tips! (Models Own Purple Grey with Models Own Southern Lights)

3. Snowflakes (Miss Sporty Coty Paris and Models Own White Nail Art Pen)
(Here’s how I did the snowflakes (from here)…pretty easy if you have a steady hand!)

4. Accent nails. Either a full glitter or a design. (Models Own Purple Grey with Northern Lights)

5. Or a simply dark red! Festive.(Rose Truffle No.7)

I’m no expert but these are just a few things I’ve thought of. When it gets closer to Christmas I’m going to try some of these designs from Cute Polish on youtube. Santa Hats, Rudolph Reindeer and I’ve already painted some fake nails inspired by Caroline's (Burkatron) Fair Isle nail design. These are SO cute and I can’t wait to put them on!

Any special way that you get your nails done for Christmas? Let me know and if you have a link to your Blogmas's, please leave it in a comments!
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