Thursday, 13 December 2012

6: Luxurious Hot Chocolate | 12 Days of Blogmas

I love Hot Chocolate and nothing says Christmas like a luxurious, tasty and warm hot coco on a snowy afternoon whilst watching a Christmas film.

Hot Chocolate is relatively easy to make, so you don't need this recipe to make one, but I've been told on a few occasions that the hot chocolates I make are pretty tasty because I cram them full with delicious and luxurious toppings

What you will need:
A mug (obviously)
Hot chocolate powder (either milk or water one)
Whipped Cream
Mini marshmallows or 5 marshmallows cut up into small pieces
A topping sauce sauce (I have a caramel desert one)
Chocolate dusting

First off, make your hot chocolate.
If I'm feeling really indulgent, I'll use a milk hot chocolate powder, but because I have a hot chocolate a lot throughout November - January, I realised I went through too much milk, so I usually use the hot water powder and I think it's just a nice. Just follow the instructions on your tub.

(I make mine by putting 3-4 scoops of powder into a mug, fill it half way with boiling water, then fill about 1/6 of the mug with milk, give it a good stir with a whisk then add the rest of the boiling water)

Make sure the hot chocolate is fully mixed together and leave enough space for lots of goodies.

Add your marshmallows. I know, I know, marshmallows are usually on top of the whipped cream. But I like to put my marshmallows onto the hot chocolate, making sure they're small so they don't sink to the bottom and that way, the bottom of the marshmallows begin to melt into the hot chocolate to create a nice cover.

Add on your whipped cream. It's Christmas, so make sure you squeeze a lot on top of your hot chocolate (and directly into your mouth). Don't forget a pointy tip.

You can always add more marshmallows at this stage if you're feeling really indulgent.

Next up is the sauce. I use a variety from chocolate, caramel and hazelnut.

Sprinkle on your chocolate dusting.
For this, I mixed a few different hot chocolate powders together and put them into a shaker I brought from Dunelm a few years ago, it still tastes good. Of course you could always grate chocolate. 
(If you're aiming to impress, use a cutter, or make your own, to sprinkle on a particular shape onto your whipped cream)
You can do tons more like add a flake, add coloured sprinkles or whatever you feel like adding!
But that's pretty much it for my basic but luxurious hot chocolate.

Make sure you're in your pj's, the fire's on and you're settling down to watch a Christmas film and you're set for a nice cosy night in.

I'm going to be trying a few varieties of hot chocolates later on, like a peppermint chocolate and a peanut butter chocolate one- yum! I'll let you know how they go.

Have you got any good Christmas drink recipes?
Maybe Eggnog recipes I could try, because I've been dying to try some for years. Please comment or tweet me!
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