Thursday, 14 February 2013


I like writing posts about things happening in my life or are interesting me recently. I enjoyed writing my post last August which was similar. I have felt the need to write, so here is one of those lists.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Blu Ray

The week Perks first came out in cinemas was a busy week for me with school trips, a trip to London, a birthday and a party, so I had no time to see it. I've been patient and I finally saw it on Monday in stunning Blu. As a HUGE fan of the book, I completely adore the film. A great screenplay and the perfect cast. There are a few parts from the book I thought would still be important, but all round it's wonderful. The delicate themes are handled very well and I think it's a marvellous adaptation. Ezra Miller is fantastic and Logan Lerman really did a fine job playing such an special, complex character. Incredible job Stephen Chbosky. x

The lipstick worn by Scarlett Johansson in Hitchcock
I saw Hitchcock last week and I really quite enjoyed it. It's short, simple and very entertaining. I think it's generating a few bad reviews because people expected it to be an awardy type film, but it's not very serious, long and doesn't take it's self too serious. I found it a very pleasant watch compared to the all of the long durations of Oscar films I've seen recently. I was really fascinated by the lipstick Scarlett Johansson wore as Janet Leigh, because with the vibrant colour of the film the colour was gorgeous. I don't wear lipstick a lot, but I'm looking for a good dupe of either of the below colours.

Warm Bodies book and film
A few years ago I was told I HAD to read Warm Bodies and it's always been on my list, so before the film I wanted to read it. I think it's quite great, very intriguing and it has a bit of humour here and there. It's not as funny as the trailer for the film made it out to be, but I have giggled to myself a few times

I then saw the film on Wednesday and I reallllly enjoyed it. There are parts left out of the book, but it still works as a teen comedy whereas the book isn't strictly for teenagers. The settings and visuals in the film are exactly how I pictured it in the book and I think it's a pretty good adaptation. Nicholas Hoult is a very hot zombie.

The Les Mis Soundtrack
It's been a month, but I'm still thinking about how passionate and wonderful Les Misérables was. I listen to the soundtrack a few times a week and I the other snowy week I watched the 25th Anniversary edition. You could say I'm a converted Les Mis fan.

Game of Thrones
This has been my no.1 thing in the last three weeks. I'm addicted. I completed season one (thanks to my cousin for letting me borrowing the Blu Rays) within two-ish weeks. I've always known I'd kind of like it, but I am completely and utterly in love with the whole premise. At first it just seems like a fictional historical drama, but there is this whole other fantasy side to it and it's driven by so many characters. Just after the first episode I was hooked and had to watch the next one. If I didn't have so much coursework I probably would have finished the whole season in two days. I've cried, screamed, hated and loved whilst watching it and my whole mind has been on a roller-coaster. I'd recommend it for everyone.
Trailer for season 1.
Award Season
Two years ago I had seen the majority of the nominated films for award season, but this year I've been slacking. However I still get completely taken in by this time of year and so overwhelmed by award ceremonies. The BAFTAs were the other night and they were grand, setting me up for the big day in less than two weeks. The Oscars! I'm exited to see Seth Macfarlene hosting, I  so hope he sings.

Writing more
I want to write more. I'm not sure what, but I need to start writing down what's going through my head and writing more on my blog. I have a few ideas for blogs, so hopefully I'll get them down soon.

Sadly I don't have Sky Atlantic, but I know someone who not only has it but also watches Girls, so each week I can catch up with season 2. Each episode is getting better and better so I'm scared that soon I'll be disappointed because seriously, how can something KEEP getting better and better?!

St. Ives face scrub
This stuff is glorious. I swear.

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