Sunday, 16 June 2013

When Hugh Laurie made me cry

I'm emotional. That is something you learn about me quite quickly.

I've cried whilst reading a book, watching a TV show or film, even when listening to a song. It's not even sad stuff, quite often it's for happy things. However in this story, I cried because I was heartbroken. It's also the story about one of my earliest ever memories: my first cinema trip.

It was Christmas in a huge, dark room, and it was a family trip to the cinema to see 101 Dalmatians (the 'real' people one). My little 3 year old hands had melted chocolate on them as I ate my packet of malteasers, watching the story I knew so well but with actual Dalmatian puppies. Apparently, I was completely engrossed. I believe my love for cinema started early.

The 1996 101 Dalmatians is very much the same as the 1961, just live-action, so you'd think I wouldn't be surprised with what happens to the puppies. I was not ready for my heart to be broken so young.

The next thing from this memory I recall is stepping out of the dark room and into bright, burning lights as my Dad gave me a reassuring tap on my back, telling me everything was ok. My parents had no other option but to take me out of the screen, preventing a lot of angry parents complaining about the brat who wouldn't shut up (if only all parents thought this way). It's this part of the experience I remember so well; screaming and sobbing for these puppies who had been kidnapped by two mean, old men. I vividly  remember crying so much that my throat hurt. 

I don't know how long it took me to calm down, but I finished watching the film and I fell in love with this new way of watching films. It wasn't until my 4th or 5th re-watch of Stuart Little as a kid, that I realised Stuart's kind, loving father was the same man who made me cry.

Hugh Laurie.

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