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BAFTAs 2011

So it's here.
Each year I watch the BAFTAs but this year I think I'm the most excited. Ever since the age of about 7, my interest in films gets bigger and greater each year. This year, I've seen at least 75% of the nominees and that's quite a lot seeing as 50% of them were not released here until only a few months ago. For me it's an achievement, I feel like I have more of an opinion in the matter.

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter

Right now it's 7:13pm and I've accidentally seen a winner.

I'm going to now, save this as a draft, write up my opinion on the winners and everything throughout the evening when I'm watching the show at 9pm on BBC1 and probably post it tomorrow.

It's now Monday.
First off I apologise to everyone who's friends with me on facebook for my obsessive status updates last night I was just overwhelmed.
Everything about the award season is so glamorous and is one of the best times of year for me.

Click here for the full set of winners

Right now everyone knows everything and who won and that let me give my opinion.

Well, The King's Speech was a bit greedy wasn't it?
Obviously I'm joking because they deserved everything because the film is incredible. But I do think 127 Hours deserved at least one award.

Jesse Eisenberg image from @empireonline
'King Colin' as he will forever be known as now, won Best Leading Actor and Helena Bonham Carter 'Queen Helena' won Best Supporting Actress but the one I was most happy about was Natalie Porman winning Best Leading Actress for Black Swan. Like I said in my Black Swan review, I adore Natalie Portman, she's one of my role models and has been for years and years and her performance as Nina Sayers will forever be one she will have to keep having to try and beat. I loved the speech Darren Aronofsky did on her behalf because of the line '..because she said I'm to blame for her not being here because I came the closest to knocking her up without actually knocking her up by introducing her to her fiance and she is very pregnant so she can't fly..'
The Social Network won 3 along with Inception which I'm happy for but the one thing I have to admit I'm upset about is the Orange Rising Star award :(

Gemma Arterton looking stunning
I will now reveal who I voted for (even though it was highly obvious) Andrew Garfield. I felt bad against Gemma Arterton like I betrayed her- though she will never know. I'm not going to say Tom Hardy didn't deserve the award because she obviously did, he's a great Actor, although he has been around for a long time already. I wanted Andrew to win it so much because he deserves it but also I would have seen him on the stage!
But then my luck improved as David Fincher won Best Director to which he sadly could not collect as he is busy filming The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo right now, so to my surprise Tilda Swinton asked if Andrew and Jesse Eisenberg would accept it for me. At that moment in time, to be completely truthful I died a little bit inside because when them two are together my heart melts. I will speak more about this moment further down.

Over the moon for Toy Story 3 winning Best Animation. Sad that Inception or 127 Hours did not win Best Original Music, but I will let this go because everything else was fair and deserved.
Jonathan Ross image from @empireonline

When Stephen Fry gave Harry Potter the contribution to cinema award and there was the lovely montage about everything Harry Potter. When Mr Fry was talking about the film and the camera cut to a picture of Emma Watson I was nearly in tears because it hit me that this year the series is over.
I loved loved loved loved Jonathan Ross hosting again! I've missed him all over BBC and his jokes were so funny. Especially at the start when he mentioned Sex and the City 2 and The Expendables and everyone in the audience laughed because you could see where his joke was going.
Another funny and embarrassing moment was when Rosamund Pike alongside Dominic Copper, nearly announced the winner of Best Screenplay without naming the nominations and letting the film play!

Instead of writing more and more boring points, here's my top 5 best things about the whole evening.

  1. Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg accepting the Best Director award for David Fincher
  2. On the red carpet Edith Bowman interviewing Emma Stone and asking what it has been like filming Spiderman for her and Andrew Garfield to both be up for Rising Star nominations and Emma replied: 'He's actually been trying to kill me on set. When I go in my trailer everything keeps falling on me'
  3. Kieran Culkin sitting next to Emma Stone with Andrew, Shannon and Jesse. Now my hunch is bigger that Kieran and Emma are dating.
  4. Harry Potter winning a contribution to cinema.
  5. Helena Bonham Carters speech.
Andrew and Jesse on the stage. Just love them both.
Andrew: I'll go first
Jesse: Well I'll go second then
And Jesse is so nervous bless him he's shaking.
And when Andrew walks off and Jesse looks so lost and cute and just sdfjsdfjgjhsfjksdjs

    Queen Helena's amazing speech! Such a funny, inspirational lady.


    Darren Aronofsky accepting Natalie Portman's award.

    I think I've gone on enough about the BAFTAs now and I need to get back to my Valentine's Day plans (LOL)
    Oh yeah by the way..

     As he's one of my favourite people ever he deserved a picture.

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