Friday, 11 February 2011

X-Men: First Class first official trailer!

Yesterday morning I saw online that the new X-Men film teaser trailer would be released early this morning (UK time) but unfortunately, I had to sleep for school (and trust me, I need my sleep in the mornings).
But I woke up to find the trailer online and watched it first thing this morning.

I don't THINK this post contains any spoilers, but in case it does I don't like ruining films for people. So if you do really not want to know anything about the film, don't read this.

A few of my thoughts on the trailer to say the least is just that it's beautiful. Well at least it looks beautiful for now. It sounds silly, but you can tell it's a Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman production, it has a Kick Assy (now that's a funny word) feel about it and I'm glad Vaughn has made it into something of his own.
A lot of people have said how they are unhappy with the choice of cast because James McAvoy doesn't look like a young Patrick Stewart or that the films should have had Bryan Singer direct this film as X-Men and X2 were both brilliant. But I'm against all them negative comments. I'm a big Vaughn fan, I love Kick Ass and Stardust which are both written by Jane Goldman too, so this film for me is high up in must sees for 2011. 
But I have always been a X-Men fan for many years now anyway, for them being my favourite Marvel comic books.

Back to the trailer I can't get over the soundtrack behind it. Once the trailers gets to 40seconds, my body got goosebumps then the trailer got going. I think the subtitles and all the clips included are fantastic and it looks like lots of action which I'm excited for. I like how you can already see Erik and Charles relationship as friends because they really do care about each other and I think it's going to be a great 'bromance' if you will. Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult as Mystique X Beast is so cute and I'm totally 'shipping' it. Never knew about this storyline in it, but I must say I'm excited for I'm a sucker for anything romantic in the slightest. And today I also learnt that Lawrence and Hoult are in fact dating now after they filmed this which I'm also a huge sucker for on/off screen relationships.

I don't want to break down the trailer too much because I'll end up getting sick of it. But I guess it's pretty obvious I'm excited for this film.

It's UK release date for the moment is June 3rd. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if this changed.

I hope the full length trailer is released in good time and I will no doubt post about it soon.

The trailer is posted below.

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