Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Paul (2011)

Running Time: 104 Minutes
Directed By:
Greg Mottola
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen (voice), Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch, Joe Lo Truglio
Screenplay: Nick Frost, Simon Pegg
UK Release Date: 14th February 2011

Quick Plot: Graeme and Clive are two middle aged nerds who travel across US after attending the San Diego Comic Con. Then, meeting an Alien called Paul, they team up to help him get back to his home planet while being hunted down by the government who want to capture Paul.

Review: 4 stars again? I know.

But anyone who knows me knows I love Pegg, Frost and Wright. But this creation that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost wrote is directed by Greg Mottola not Edgar. Yet, this film is still pure Frost and Pegg (see what I did there? Mixed it up a bit..) I've been excited for Paul for a long time now, I watched all the behind the scenes videos on youtube and since then I've pretty much been hooked on the idea. The film is a brilliant comedy and I think anyone will laugh at this. BUT and it's a big but, I think it works better with people if you are a 'nerd' or just have a real love for Science Fiction (like Simon and Nick do). The references in the films are just wonderful and I love it when films have references like that because I feel as if it connects to you. Like in the TV sitcom Spaced, whenever there is a Sci-Fi reference, I feel like I'm a part of it because I understand it. I'm not going to mention the references because it could give a lot away, but let's just say, I now feel very differently about how Spielberg created ET, why we assume Aliens look like this and what abilities Aliens have.

In the 'What Is Paul?' youtube videos I watched, I grew fonder of Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig and especially Joe Lo Truglio. Hader and Wiig of course known best from SNL and other comedies (Hader being in most of Mottola's films.) All three were hilarious in Paul, each character being well written, especially Kristen's, Ruth. Yes it's a comedy, but Ruth had a development in the film because of her facing something that got in the way of her beliefs, forcing her to drop everything she believes in.
I think both Graeme and Clive could be two of my favourite ever Pegg and Frost roles - but not before Tim and Mike in Spaced- still, they are both much different to Hot Fuzz and Shaun Of The Dead. I am now forever going to ship together Simon Pegg and Kristen Wiig (this is not a good sign) and Paul is possibly my favourite ever film alien.
All in all, a great, funny, brilliant film and I recommend to everyone!
Again, biased- I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

But, I do have to agree with a lot of reviews and say Edgar Wright's directory was missed. Though the film would have had a completely different outcome, but in the words of Nick Frost 'Edgar had his chance and he blew it' to make the awesome and brilliant Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
But Greg Mottola did brilliantly, as always and I said a great film. :D

Woah everyone! Look how close I was to Simon Pegg!

Paul- Teaser

Here are two of my favourite behind the scenes videos that I think everyone should check out.


Paul- Games 2
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  1. Hahaha I will always love Simon's expression in your photo.


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