Saturday, 12 February 2011

Never Let Me Go (2011)

Running Time: 103 Minutes
Directed By:
Mark Romanek
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley
Screenplay: Alex Garland, (Kazuo Ishiguro book)
UK Release Date: 11th February 2011

Quick Plot: Growing up as children, Kathy, Tommy and Ruth attended Hailsham appearing as normal children. When they learn the truth about their existence, the three best friends leave Hailsham to lead their lifes but they have to find themselves first.

Review: Nearly everyone who knows me by now knows about my obsession with this. I heard about the film back in August/September time when my Andrew Garfield admiration started and I heard this film was based on a novel so I asked for it for Christmas and was over the moon when my Mum got me it. The book is written by Kazuo Ishiguro, released in 2005 and has won lots of awards as well as being put in the top 100 novels from 1923-2005. I read the book and instantly fell in love with each character and the whole of Hailsham. Without giving too much away I loved each character in different ways. For example I loved Kathy because half of me wanted to be her and half of me already is. With Ruth I felt the same as her because I too hate the feeling of being left alone and I felt sorry for her in lots of places. And Tommy, I love Tommy. There's no way to describe it, I'm probably just biased because I fancy Andrew Garfield a little too much but the character in the book too is so adorable and cute, and the stuff he says and just- he's such a powerful character.
I've realised my reviews are not good at all and I need to stop talking about myself.
So, I think a film director takes on a tough challenge when they adapts a book and I personally think this was a hard one to undertake. It helped with he actors who were the best part of it in my eyes. Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley have been friends for a few years now, so they had chemistry but had to go against that for their roles. Carey Mulligan is a recent favourite of mine and I think she's an exceptional actress though we haven't seen the best of her yet- but the time will come. Kathy H is a beautiful character and I really thought she captured everything so perfectly and elegantly. I have to speak about Andrew Garfield because he was marvellous. Tommy is a funny character but the film is not humorous so to get the right balance must have been hard but it works. There's a scene in the trailer where he screams and even though I had produced a few tears before that bit broke my heart. The scene is so powerful and takes over everything in your body. I thought people in the screen would laugh at him screaming but I heard some people gasping and sighing because they felt for Tommy.
Garfield, Mulligan and Knightley at the BFI
I had unfortunately seen lots of spoilers online (because I searched for them..) but still the film surprised me because it was not how I imagined it. It was beautiful -still how I hoped it would be, but in different ways. The three chapters had big gaps but that worked better than having them small because the film was very quick but also, their lives somehow..flashed by.
I think I'm just talking rubbish now, I can't explain what it did to me. It just makes me so happy to see films like this because they leave a mark in your heart because of the characters. They really were my favourite part of it and I so hope more people see this film. I know there's more good films out at the moment but I think people should give this film a chance. It's something completely different and new. Like reviewers have been saying, it's a drama, romantic, sci fi film really and it just works so so well.

So yes, overall it's beautiful. So beautiful and I loved it so so much. The actors deserve so much credit because they played the characters who I loved before, very well. Romanek and Garland did a great job too.

Never Let Me Go- Trailer

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