Monday, 28 February 2011

Oscars 2011- My thoughts and the highlights

Incase you are reading this in a post are the winners

Well well well, after a mad day at school I've come home and watched about 3 videos online. One of Natalie Portman's acceptance speech, another of the opening montage by James Franco and Anne Hathaway and another of the the 'Grease' bonus opening by James and Anne.

Anyway, back to the ceremony.
Well, didn't everyone look stunning?

Anne Hathaway via
Hailee Steinfeld via

Natalie Portman
Ok, they are just 3 of the main girls I thought looked gorgeous!
Natalie looked flawless with her lovely, big, baby bump :3

So I've already been asked a few times if I am happy with the winners (which has made me happy itself by being asked) and yes I am. I think everyone who's won was worthy and I'm happy with that.
But....I did really want The Social Network to win Best Picture.
In addition I'm a bit gutted Hailee Steinfeld didn't win Best Supporting Actress. I knew there wasn't as much a chance for her to win compared to the other ladies nominated, but I had a little feeling she would and hoped it would have followed. I was wrong.
Either way, Melissa Leo and The King's Speech winning isn't the end of the world.

A few things to mention:
  • Jesse Eisenberg took his Mum as his date to the awards.
  • Andrew Garfield was apparently carrying his invitation with him on the Red Carpet - as if he wouldn't get in.

(When I say My boys..I just mean Andrew. I love Jesse and all but Andrew is mine. Jesse is now my friend Emily's and she knows who she is. We have decided to share them both)

Ok, that's enough of that for a while.
I'm going to watch the show and update again and then publish this post.

Other moments I enjoyed and loved:

Christian Bale via
I loved after Melissa Leo swore when accepting her award for Best Supporting Actress, Christian Bale accepted his award saying 'I'm not going to drop the F-bomb like she did, I've done that plenty before' This just shows how awesome Christian Bale (Jesus Bale) is.

James Franco (Trolls) and Anne Hathaway

In the highlight show, I didn't see as much of Franco and Hathaway as I hoped, but if I add to the videos I have seen. I didn't mind them hosting at all. I thought they were both funny and everyone needs to cheer up watching the Oscars!

When Natalie Portman walked up to collect her award I went mad. The way Benjamin walked her up the stairs so she didn't trip and then she thanked her parents ♥♥

Sandra Bullock was a humorous when announcing the Best Actor award I must say. Even my Dad was giggling.

Oh I don't know what else to add. It was a beautiful award show.
All the films in the Best Picture category were amazing (still have to see Winter's Bone and The Kids Are Alright) and everything seemed perfect.

It was missing something though
and I'm not sure what.

Maybe just more Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg Jewnicorn moments?
Oh I don't know it was a good show!

Hope everyone who watched enjoyed it as much as I did.
What did everyone think about the results?
Message me or comment! I'd like to know :)

Shannon Woodward and Andrew Garfield
This doesn't have that much relevence
but they are both pretty.


Bonus Oscar® opening montage footage of "Grease"

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  1. Awesome post! (Thanks for the mention I think I'm going crazy but yeah)

  2. I forgot to watch the awards, but I did stop to stare at the photo of Anne Hathaway for about twenty minuts. She's so pretty. :D


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