Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Oscars 2011- My Predictions.

It's nearly time!  


Oh wow I'm excited. Even more this year than any year because I've actually seen about 85-90% of the films!

Ok I need to calm down because I'll get too excited and I'm not even going to be watching it live because I definitely need my sleep. Even though I have exams two days after, if I don't get enough sleep Sunday night it'll effect me on Tuesday.
Anyway back to the Academy Awards.
I'm no professional, my views and predictions do not mean anything but I thought I'd write down who I think and who I want to win the main awards.

Best Picture:
Ehhhhhh...I want The Social Network to win. I really, truly do because I think it's fantastic, screenplay magnificent, acting tremendous, score fabulous and David Fincher's directing is always the best. But I do think The King's Speech might pinch it. The King's Speech does deserve it too, but for me it's The Social Network.

Best Director:
If Christopher Nolan was nominated, I'd like more than anything for him to win but sadly he isn't so again, David Fincher. He's actually most likely according to 'polls'. That would make me very happy indeed if Ficher does win.

Best Actor:
I know he will and want Colin Firth to win. Simple.

Best Actress:
Natalie Portman. Hands down, favourite actress ever. Black Swan is amazing and brilliant (I'll never watch it again that's for sure, but nonetheless..) her part in the film is incredible and if she wins it I'll be over the moon. She's tipped most favourite so I'd like to see that follow through.

Best Supporting Actor:
I think Christian Bales performance in The Fighter will forever be one of my favourite roles of his and the one I think he deserves most credit for. He's played incredible characters over the years, but Dicky is something else. Although Geoffrey Rush would also be a good winner and deserved.

Best Supporting Actress:
Now this is where the odds are unknown really. Helena Bonham Carter would be a wise and justified winner. But after seeing True Grit in the week, how good would it be if Hailee Steinfeld won? The girl is 14 years old, it would be incredible and for me being 16, it's something I will forever be jealous but also extremely happy for her. Also, I very much adored Amy Adams in The Fighter so that wouldn't be a bad thing. Oooh I don't know about this one. For me, I want Hailee, but if HBC won I'd be happy too.

Original Screenplay:
Eeeeeeeeeeeh, The King's Speech could win this, it'd be fine. But I want Inception because it's hardly got any recognition for it and it just deserves it.

Adapted Screenplay:
The Social Network. If I could marry a screenplay I would marry this one. It's brilliant and intelligent and Aaron Sorkin is a genius.

Best Animated Film:
Toy Story 3.
I don't need a reason.

Best Score:
It wouldn't surprise me if some friends disowned me now. The Inception and 127 Hours Score are both two of my favourite ever scores but The Social Network score is my winner.

Best Song:
I haven't seen Country Song, so I'm at fault that I don't know what 'Coming Home' sounds like. In my opinion I want 'I See The Light' from Tangled. But 'If I Rise' from 127 Hours would be great!

Ok there is of course other categories, but for now these are my predictions on the big ones.
Now, every year people predict things that are going to happen.
Instead of predicting, I'm going to tell you what I hope DOES happen.
  • James Franco wins Best Actor award. Because when he accepts, he wouldn't have to walk up because he'd already be on stage. Trolls (lol) would be wearing two suits, one for hosting one for winning, so he'd rip off his first suit to reveal a sparkly one to accept. Now...that would be pure Trolls and something amazing.
  • Like I said I want Natalie Portman to win Best Actress. I want her to cry. That sounds mean I know, but I want her to get emotional because she is heavily pregnant now and I want her to be holding her baby bump as she accepts, she'll be hormonal, so she'll cry a bit and she'll thank everyone and say a cute message to Benjamin and then say something about her baby. (Oh my goodness me I sound like such a creeper)
  • Someone to muck up on reading out a winner or nomination. Rosamund Pike at the BAFTAs was funny enough.
  • Franco and Hathaway to have a beautiful, stunning and lovely opening. If it's anything by what James Franco has been putting on his you tube, we are in for a treat!
  • Dresses to look lovely, I can see Portman, Steinfeld, HBC and Amy Adams will look beautiful as always.
  • JEWNICORN. All I'm going to say. Ok maybe I need to explain a bit: Basically Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg will have some sort of secret way to show their love affair. By touching of hands when walking up to accept a award for The Social Network. Or just looking at each intimately other while sitting down. Poor Shannon though right? Andrew's girlfriend is always pushed to the side. Ok I spend too much time thinking about this and this is just completely embarrassing.

That's about it for what I want to happen. Hopefully some will but if not I'm bound to cry anyway.
I always get emotional when watching Awards for little reasons like when people say thank you to certain people or when did not expect to win.
In 2009 when Kate Winslet won Best Actress for The Reader I was so happy for her because she deserved an award since she started acting! It took her years to finally get one and when she did, her speech was so lovely it really got to me. When she asked her Dad to whistle for her and he did and she was talking to him in the crowd. Oh god..let's not start.
It will no doubt be a funny awards show.
This year in films has been incredible and basically I'm very much excited for the Oscars 2011.

Damn school.

On Monday morning I will find out the winners then when I arrived home from school I'll publish them on here and also look for pictures and a few videos.
Then after my exams Tuesday I might watch the awards throughout the week to see if anything happens.

If anyone wants to tell me their predictions, feel free to message me or comment on here!
If I get a lot (which I don't think I will) I'll do another post on them tomorrow maybe.
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  1. Please tell me its not the opening scene of Social Network that gets your vote? I am surprised even with your devotion to Natalie Portman, you aren't rooting for her Black Swan. I am hoping Black Swan takes best picture, however like you i think the acceptance speech would be reminiscent of a man who has trouble speaking clearly..

  2. I liked Black Swan a hell of a lot and loved Natalie Portman in it so that's why I want her to win best Actress but as a film I think The Social Network shows more..creativity I guess? Or uniqueness. Ok maybe it's not unique, but I think it definitely has changed something. The opening scene I think is good, but no definitely not that!
    The King's Speech was certainly magneficent and if that won I'd be just as happy :)


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